Have a Baby Shower at Dream Dinners:Homemade, Made Easy

Who doesn’t appreciate a homemade gift? How about some homemade meals from friends and family to help you celebrate the pending birth of your child, and make life a bit easier for the new parents? Sounds like a great and fun idea!

Pat Gattis, the new owner of Dream Dinners since April of this year, is looking forward to helping get baby showers and other fun events planned; all with the goal, in his words, “of helping you get dinner on the table.” The overall purpose of the Dream Dinners concept is “Homemade, Made Easy.” Recognizing that time is valuable, and new parents probably value that more than most, Pat and his staff look forward to doing their part to help put nutritious meals on your table, usually in under 30 minutes.

To get things started, the host/hostess simply contacts Pat at Dream Dinners to place the party order and get it on the schedule. Party hosts will have access to the store an hour before the event to decorate, and can bring in stacks/cakes, etc. Perhaps a “baby reveal” opportunity might be in the plans. The store can host from 12 to 14 guests as a private party. Each guest will prepare two meals, using the menu offered for that particular month. Cost is minimal, $30 per person. The new-to-be parents will have several weeks of meals prepped and ready to cook, usually in less than 30 minutes. What a time-saver! Bringing home a new baby, without having to worry about routine things like cooking, is certainly a thoughtful, appreciated gesture. It frees up time that you can spend with the new baby. If you’re lucky, maybe one or two of the guests who put the meals together might decide to drop by to do the cooking for you. Sounding better and better, right?

Pat’s vision for the Clemmons Dream Dinners is to become an integral part of the community. Helping get families around the dinner table is one of those goals. Kenton is a regular guest at Dream Dinners. As he shared, “I’ve been coming to Dream Dinners for about six months and assemble meals for my family twice a month. It’s so much easier to prep meals here.” Pat shared that some guests make their trip to Dream Dinners an event; once a month, six guests travel down from Roanoke, Virginia to assemble meals.

Each month the Dream Dinners menu selections change; the January menu is now available on the website. The overall experience is easy (all the measuring tools are clearly marked), and the staff are available to help with any questions.

And don’t overlook the Sides/Sweets (the Finishing Touch Freezer). There are around 27 selections available, prepackaged to round out your meal. In many cases, the entrée recipe card may suggest a particular side dish. They are as yummy as the main course. Pat mentioned the Bacon Mac & Three Cheese as a favorite.

Pat and his staff are looking forward to meeting you. Dream Dinners Clemmons is located at 6276 Towncenter Dr., in Clemmons. You can contact him at 336.766.0644, via e-mail at patrick.gattis@dreamdinners.com, or clemmonsnc@dreamdinners.com. Check their website for open dates and times to schedule your own meal preparation session. Dream Dinners is a member of the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce. Check them out on their Facebook page.

Consider booking a baby shower at Dream Dinners. You’ll all enjoy the experience and have some great meals ready for a new family.