A Conversation with Pure Flix: Entertainment for the Whole Family

Business Insider recently reported that the number of homes without a television is 2.6%. In the grand scheme of America’s overall population, hat seems pretty insignificant, except when you learn the number doubled between 2009 and 2015. People are turning to the Internet for entertainment. Video stream options such as Netflix and Amazon Video seem to have no end in sight to their popularity. But Pure Flix is another streaming option that is growing by leaps and bounds…. For a good reason! This is a company committed to providing high-quality family entertainment with strong morals and Christian faith at the heart of the content. For families who are weary of the constant barrage of negativity, questionable content, and awkward conversations happening years before expected. Pure Flix offers peace of mind. Pure Flix COO, Steve Fedyski, was kind enough to share some details with us about this organization.

DH: Who founded Pure Flix?

SF: Pure Flix was founded in 2005 by David A.R. White (Managing Partner), Michael Scott (CEO and Managing Partner), and the late Russel Wolf.

DH: What is the target audience for Pure Flix?

SF: We have subscribers in over 100 countries, and Pure Flix offers something for everyone. We don’t target one specific denomination. In fact, many of our subscribers aren’t necessarily professing Christians, but they are families who want to offer their children moral and wholesome entertainment options.

DH: How does Pure Flix align itself with mainstream Hollywood?

SF: Even mainstream studios are recognizing the need for fresh, wholesome content. The demand is there, and thanks to our commitment to excellence, and our diligence in raising the bar for high-quality Christian entertainment, our mainstream counterparts are taking notice. In fact, we have partnered with Paramount Studios for the upcoming release of Same Kind of Different As Me, which will star Hollywood favorites Renee Zellweger, Jon Voight, Djimon Hounsou, and Greg Kinnear.

DH: So Hollywood actors are open to participating in faith-based films, too?

SF: Christian actors are being given more high-quality scripts, and the distribution of those films has increased exponentially. To that end, they are happy to put their name on a Christian project. Some of the popular names people will see in our film library include David A.R. White, Candace Cameron Bure, Sean Astin, Ted McGinley, and more!

DH: How many films are available to stream on Pure Flix?

SF: We have over 7000 films currently available, including classic sitcoms and original productions. We have a diversity of entertainment available at PureFlix.com, where audiences can find original programming and films that may be new to them, or ones they enjoy watching again and again.

DH: What kind of original films do you make?

SF: Our originals are among our most popular! Between The Encounter

series, Pure Flix Comedy All-Stars, Pure Talk, and many others, some of our most-watched content is original content. Additionally, we are slated to produce four to six theatrical productions per year. An interesting fact about our theatrical productions—of the 40% of people who went to see a faith-based film last year in a theater, 35% of them are un-churched people. Pure Flix is helping to reach people who are seeking answers.

DH: What do people think about Pure Flix and how are you getting the word out?

SF: Pure Flix operates under the three E’s: Entertain. Encourage. Educate. Through that commitment to the three E’s, we are building relationships through content that is personally and culturally relevant. As we strengthen those relationships, word of mouth has been a great vehicle for us, but so has our social media presence. Pure Flix has a very aggressive marketing campaign on social media.

DH: Any final thoughts to share about Pure Flix?

SF: We strive to bring unifying, uplifting content to the world. That’s been our vision from the beginning and will continue to be our vision in the future. It’s a privilege to serve in this way—to combine our love for entertainment, film, and (most of all) Christ, in this manner.

Also, a reminder that Pure Flix will be releasing The Case for Christ to home entertainment and DVD/Blu-ray on August 15th, and the film Same Kind of Different As Me will be coming to theaters nationwide on October 20th.

Thank you to Pure Flix for sharing about their service and family-friendly options with our readers. Learn more about Pure Flix on PureFlix.com. They offer several subscription options, and the first month is free!