Decorating a Teenage Bedroom

A bedroom is a very personal space. When we were children, it housed toys and secrets. Dreams swirled about in the air vents and monsters rustled in the closet. A bedroom was a secret, hideaway place that no one else could touch. As we grow up, a bedroom serves a similar, slightly less magical, purpose. A teenage bedroom, however, though maintaining the secrecy and comfort of a child’s room, will need to evolve. The secrets and dreams it houses grow more dire and intense; the people it houses more complex. With that said, it only makes sense that upon personal change, the room also ought to change. Consider these tips and steps while redecorating your own teen’s room.

  1. Think about their personality

It takes a lot more than throwing clothes on the floor to turn a room into a teenage space. The room must represent the teen’s personality while still maintaining an adult look (that means no starfish stickers for the beach- obsessed teen). What does your teen love that you could subtly incorporate into the room? A vinyl record wall, for instance, might be a fun way to add some color and meaning to a musical teen’s bedroom.

  1. Practicality

The bed with dresser storage underneath might save space, but it’s not very practical for a fashion-oriented teenage girl. There would not be nearly enough room for her clothes. Be sure to pick out practical furniture and extra, subtle storage for your teen. Wall hooks and nightstands help out more than you think.

  1. Colors

One of the first things that comes to mind when redecorating a room is paint color. It’s very easy to want to drastically change a childhood bedroom. Bubblegum pinks and baby blues have to go. Teens want something different and new; something grown-up. Light-blocking curtains and cool-toned paints tend to be a popular option, as they agree with sleep schedules and teen trends.

  1. Privacy

Above all, it is vital to remember that a teen wants privacy. They want their room to be a safe haven they can always turn to. Curtains and closed doors offer that comfort. While it can be aggravating to watch a teen rush upstairs day after day, shut the door to the dark dungeon they call a room, and only come out for dinner, that privacy allows them to independently dive into new interests and, if nothing else, allows teens to escape from hardships at school and home.

Redecorating a bedroom is exciting, but when it comes to teens, there are more things to consider than how pretty the furniture looks. Hopefully, these tips will guide you in the right direction toward making your teen’s new room just as magical as it was when he or she was a child.