Minute For Your Minister: Love and Marriage

Perhaps no marriage relationship is more at risk from spiritual attack than the marriage between a pastor and his wife. Think about it. The enemy could not only destroy a sacred relationship between spouses, but also an entire ministry, if given a foothold in your pastor’s marriage. Sadly, there are countless families and ministries that have been left in shambles as a result of this kind of attack.

You may wonder how you, a church member, could possibly help your pastor and his wife strengthen their marriage. Actually, there are quite a few ways you can help! As always, the first and most powerful line of defense is prayer. Remember to include your pastor, his wife, and their family in your daily prayers. You can also provide your pastor with some resources which will give him the opportunity to work on his marriage. Maybe offer to babysit, so he and his wife can have a date night. Take up a collection from other church members and send him and his family on a trip. Make sure he has the freedom to “disconnect” from church on a regular basis, so he can connect at home. Finally, #BeTheOne to educate other members of your congregation about the importance of caring for your pastor and his family.


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