Mitchell Wealth Management: The Circle of Care

Myron Mitchell, president of Mitchell Wealth Management Group, LLC, has been in the financial advisory business for 22 years. His experience and knowledge translate into personal oversight and care for his clients’ financial well-being. As Myron shared, “Few people have the time, expertise or desire to do the extensive research required for retirement planning. Their time is valuable and should allow for doing what is most important to them. I develop a trusted relationship with my clients, ensuring they can prioritize their goals using our Total Financial Care Model™.”

The Total Financial Care Model™ encompasses four key components. The client resides in the center and is linked to three key advisors that make up your personal team of financial coaches. One component is your Financial Advisor; one is your CPA/Accountant; and the third, your Estate Attorney. Since the recommendations made by all three have a direct relationship to the client’s financial health, Myron makes it a practice to engage the client’s CPA and Estate Attorney in meetings and planning. He often accompanies his clients to these meetings or hosts the meeting at his office. This model of care provides for a more thorough strategy toward pursuing the client’s goals. In the event a client is in need of an accountant or attorney, Myron will make recommendations based on his own understanding of his clients’ needs and strengths and those of his knowledgeable, strategic partners. He has established working relationships with a number of accountants and attorneys. This is a unique approach to financial planning, but typical of the level of care and trust Myron establishes with his clients. As he shared, “My clients know they’re welcome to call me at any time to discuss anything.   If they trust me to manage their life savings, they should be able to get in touch with me at any time.”

Typically, Myron meets with first-time clients in three separate sessions.

  • The first meeting is more of a discovery (get to know each other) session. It’s sharing information—about family, health, goals, dreams, finances, budgets, etc. Where you are in saving for retirement, what your retirement goals are, and special circumstances that need to be considered (medical situations, extended family care-giving, etc.). Myron guides the discussion to begin goal-setting, or reviewing existing goals to determine if they are realistic. As Myron shared, “I commit to open dialogue and straightforward discussion. There’s a great deal of managing emotions and expectations when it comes to retirement. In financial terms, looking at ROI (Return on Investment) relates to Reliability of Income.”
  • The second session is reviewing recommendations developed by Myron based on the data and information shared in the first meeting. It’s also about prioritizing. The recommendations may need to be modified, based on expectations or due to the client’s circumstances at that time.
  • The third meeting is for reviewing the plan, recommendations and implementing the plan (the processes and implementation steps), as well as discussing future plans and setting up sessions with accountants and estate attorneys.

Once a client’s plan is established, Myron continues to meet with them on a regular basis. Plans are subject to change for any number of reasons (a life change, a major purchase, health issues). Quarterly meetings are typically planned and may evolve into six-month or annual reviews. Myron is available at any time to address the needs of his clients. Trust and availability are hallmarks of the level of care associated with Mitchell Wealth Management Group, LLC.

Mitchell Wealth Management Group, LLC also offers other services for their clients’ consideration. Long-term care insurance; life insurance; strategic financial planning; inflation-adjusted, lifetime income distribution strategies are just some of the options.

Mitchell Wealth Management Group, LLC is located at 514 South Stratford Road (Stratford Oaks Bldg.), Suite 305. For questions or to make an appointment, call 336.774.6535, contact them via e-mail at, or check the website ( Their office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

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