R.S. Parker Homes – A Family Tradition of Fine Homes

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. I wonder if the first person to say this common phrase was in the middle of the home buying process. It certainly would not surprise me! Searching for the perfect home can be extremely frustrating, which is why so many people are turning to the experts at R.S. Parker Homes for a custom-built, beautiful home, constructed to their exact specifications.

“Building offers the homeowner a house that’s not only new, but has their touches in it, too,” said Joy Sneed of R.S. Parker Homes. “People are looking for something they can call their own. We have plans to fit a range of budgets and customization options that will allow you to make any of those plans truly your own. The current home market is growing and growing, and we have seen the market continue to expand for houses in our price points.”

While building a home from the ground up might seem like a daunting task, the experts at R.S. Parker Homes pride themselves on making the project as easy as possible on the homeowners. “We offer a streamlined process which allows the buyers to get their personal touches on their home without the hassle of running all over town,” said Sneed. “This helps the owner’s narrow choices quickly, so they can get their house built sooner. We pride ourselves on offering quality choices for all styles and price points, and update offerings often to keep ahead of market demands.”

It can also happen much faster than you might expect! “From signing the contract to closing, the typical build-time is six months,” explained Sneed. Additionally, every detail is carefully checked and reworked until perfect! “Our commitment to quality is next to none. All of our team members view the building process as if they were building that home for a family member.”

There are also options for those who would prefer a custom-built home, but one that is already built. R.S. Parker Homes has developed neighborhoods throughout Forsyth County in various price points. “We have developed three neighborhoods—Reagan Point in Pfafftown, Waterford Glen in Clemmons and Barrington Oaks in Clemmons,” Sneed said. “These neighborhoods were developed by us, and all homes will be built by us. They are in great locations and offer an exceptional value.”

Even if the perfect home is not currently available, R.S. Parker Homes continues to grow and take on more projects, with even more to offer! “We are constantly working and updating to offer the right locations, plans and selections for homes to fit everyone,” mentioned Sneed.

For more information about R.S. Parker Homes, e-mail Joy Sneed at jspringer@rsparkerhomes.com, or call the office at 336.841.6699.