S&K Cleaning “Tried the Rest, Now Try the Best!”

“A Clean Home is a Happy Home.” ~ NY Dreamer Girl

Isn’t a sparkling-clean home something special to enjoy? Especially after a long day of work? Wouldn’t you love to claim the time it takes to achieve that clean home as time for yourself and your family?

If you’ve said “Yes” to any of those questions, then contacting Keith Willard to make that possible is your next step. Keith and his business partner, Steve Langley, started their S&K Cleaning business nineteen years ago. Sadly, Steve lost his battle with cancer last year; however, Keith continues to operate the business based on the values he and Steve have held since 1998. The business motto is attributed to Steve’s vision that S&K Cleaning was the best cleaning service in the area, and it remains the motto Keith adheres to as sole proprietor of S&K Cleaning.

S&K Cleaning focuses on deep cleaning, not just surface cleaning. Keith explained that, in essence, “Our clients get a spring cleaning every visit. We clean the things that there’s just no time to do on a routine basis, such as cleaning behind the washer and dryer or cleaning out the toaster oven tray.” Keith also notifies clients if a potential problem is noticed with an appliance or some other home utility service. Keith stated, “I treat my customers like family.”

To achieve that high standard of cleaning, Keith books no more than four homes per day with a minimum of two hours per each home. There are no carryover products or equipment. The mops, vacuums, or brooms used are those at the client’s home; the same goes for cleaning products used. For clients who prefer environmentally friendly products, Keith is happy to accommodate those requests. Keith shared that only white towels are used, and those are bleached after each use.

Keith stated that S&K Cleaning provides their service based on clients’ requests. Some clients schedule cleaning once per month, although twice a month is the most typical for S&K clients. Home cleaning is the primary focus for S&K Cleaning; however, Keith also said that office cleaning is provided for some local businesses.

Keith explained that most referrals come from word of mouth. S&K Cleaning has clients throughout Forsyth County and is proud to have many long-term clients who happily provide referrals to their friends and family. Margaret, a client for 18 years, stated, “Keith is totally dependable. I trust him, he is thorough, and I have a better quality of life with my family as a result of using S&K Cleaning all these years.”

Client trust is important, and Keith added that he and his employee are fully bonded. Keith is solely responsible for the safekeeping of his clients’ home keys. He is happy to provide references to potential new clients. Before scheduling the first cleaning, a home visit is recommended. S&K Cleaning offers guaranteed satisfaction results.

Contact Keith Willard at 336.244.6519 or via e-mail at willardcline@yadtel.net for rates and estimates, to schedule a first visit, or set-up a cleaning appointment. S&K Cleaning schedules appointments Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Monday appointments are reserved for first-time clients.   As S&K Cleaning’s business motto states, “Tried the rest, now try the best!”