Tami’s Devotion: The Faith of Travis

A Christian radio friend, a man younger than me, a husband and father of two young children, died recently after a truly valiant battle with cancer. His faith and bravery in the midst of this fight inspired thousands, myself included. He never once doubted God’s goodness, even as his body was being overcome by an illness that he knew God was fully capable of healing. He trusted that God’s plans are infinitely better than his own.

In fact, just a week ago, when Travis knew that he would be leaving us very soon, our friend Bill asked him, “Travis, what do you want me to tell people?” Travis replied, “That God is incredible and he is always working out his plans.”

Oh, Lord, to have that kind of faith….

Thank you, Travis Culver, for sharing your journey and your faith. You have inspired me and so many others to deepen our trust in God, to lean more fully into His grace and to more intentionally appreciate the days and loved ones we have been given.