The Craft of Promposing

One of the biggest feats to overcome during prom season is finding a date. Obviously, the mushy-gushy, “life is better with you” high school couples will go to prom together, but for the rest of the single, “life is great by myself” high schoolers, finding a date to prom is a burdensome task. Years ago, asking someone to prom wasn’t that elaborate; it was a genuine phone call or a simple question. Now, teens have escalated “promposing” into a craft. A promposal takes time and creativity; it is an obligatory annual burden.

Nevertheless, teens everywhere are promposing left and right, even the ones already in a relationship. They pick their brains and scour the internet tirelessly for cute, unique and personal ways to ask their better half to prom. For instance, Justis Mitchell, one of North Davidson High School’s finest, promposed to his lovely girlfriend, Autumn, by dressing up a goat. The promposal was clever, and upon popping the question, “Will you GOAT to PRAAAM with me?” Autumn said “Yes.” Thus, the couple would be attending prom together.

High schoolers in every state ask variations of “Will you GOAT to PRAAAM with me?” They string lights and order pizzas. They build igloos and sing songs. They decorate posters and embarrass one another, and out of sheer humility, romanticism, and puniness, they score dates. However, the question most asked by teachers and parents is, “Why?” Why prompose in the first place?

It is true that promposals are elaborate and unnecessary. The craft requires a level of thought and energy that is a bit on the extreme side. Ultimately, simply asking someone to prom over the phone or casually in conversation would still score you a date. However, promposals, as unnecessary as they are deemed, are thoughtful, clever, and are potentially romantic—things today’s youth typically is not. Instead of bashing the sport, promposing should be encouraged. It requires a person to be considerate and courageous. Promposing might be a burden, but it’s one worth adopting.

Of course, there are teens that choose not to prompose, which is perfectly fine. Sometimes groups of friends just work out who should go with whom to complement heights, personalities, etc. Sometimes high schoolers just don’t have someone they like enough, or they are close enough to, for promposing not to be weird and creepy. There is a multitude of reasons not to prompose, all which are completely valid.

Overall, promposals are fun, but the most important thing to remember is to just have fun at prom. Promposing is a burdensome craft worth appreciating, but it doesn’t matter if you were the “promposer,” the “promposie,” or if promposing wasn’t even part of the plan. It just matters that once you wind up at prom, you’re having a blast. From the team at Forsyth Magazines, we wish you a very happy promposing! (Or not).