Top 10 Reasons to Choose the Redeemer School

There are many reasons parents choose to send their children to Redeemer School, but their unique model of education is top of the list. If you’re considering your children’s educational options, strong consideration should be given to the Redeemer School of Winston-Salem. Ten reasons why Redeemer School is a great option are the following:

  1. Redeemer School is one of 20+ schools nationwide who are using the Charlotte Mason Philosophy in the classroom.   This educational model isn’t new; but even after 100-some years, it’s a revolutionary theory that offers a Christ-centered and child-focused, but teacher-directed approach to education. Compared to popular teaching methods, The Charlotte Mason Philosophy embraces the best of both Montessori and Classical Education.
  2. Children are people, too, and rather than addressing them as empty vessels to be filled, Redeemer School sees them as creative thinkers, artists, and problem-solvers who need direction and respect for their ideas.
  3. Education at the Redeemer School is based on the basics of Reading, Writing, Math, and Science, with supplemental classes added in. Their approach places equal value on nature, art, music, foreign language, and physical education as a part of a well-rounded education.
  4. A school-wide commitment to make education appropriate for both age and developmental level of the student. For example, classes for Kindergarteners through second grade are half-day classes, which acknowledges that the best learning time for this age group is in the morning, with shorter, more concentrated lessons.
  5. Most subjects are taught through literature-rich, living books that relate to the reader in a more purposeful and integrative manner.
  6. Narration versus worksheets is the emphasis. Through narration, students develop better summarization skills and attention to detail. Additionally, public speaking is a skill developed from an early age and one that can be transferred to many fields later into adulthood.
  7. Small, personal classes. With Kindergarten through fifth grade topped at 12 students per class and only two classes per grade, personalized education is more attainable. Middle schoolers in the sixth through eighth grade also enjoy smaller group settings, with 20 students being the preferred size. Redeemer School also offers Transitional Kindergarten (TK) for up to ten students.
  8. The family environment that is fostered in the classroom extends to the parents! They have received rave reviews, including, for example, accolades from Redeemer mom, J. Ryan, who says, “As an active parent, we have enjoyed wonderful fellowship for our daughter and family. Redeemer School has been a nurturing environment that focuses on creating a love of learning in the children! We are so grateful to the teachers and staff!”
  9. Teachers at Redeemer School are both experienced and certified. The staff goes through extensive Charlotte Mason training, and all staff members have the option to attend a yearly conference on the Charlotte Mason Philosophy and how they can apply it in the classroom. Redeemer School is committed to ongoing professional development for their faculty and staff.
  10. Redeemer School is a great alternative for those who would love to home school, but aren’t equipped to do so. The Charlotte-Mason Philosophy is widely embraced by homeschoolers throughout the country, and that makes it a great option for those who want the home-school advantage, and experience of a typical classroom.

Redeemer School’s mission is “a community of like-minded families committed to nurturing students in their relationship with Jesus Christ and engaging them in the life-long pursuit of wisdom and knowledge as they discover, embrace, and integrate God’s truth in all of life.” Moreover, the school’s core values include:

  1. Honoring childhood;
  2. Partnering with parents;
  3. Unique teaching methods;
  4. Integration of faith and learning in the classroom;
  5. Building community.

The unique atmosphere of Redeemer School makes it an excellent choice for families across the Triad. There are many reasons to choose Redeemer School; each is a valuable addition in a child’s education and future.

Redeemer School is located at 1046 Miller Street in Winston-Salem. Call them at 336.724.9460 or visit online at Be sure to like them on Facebook.