The View from My Section – A Father’s Perspective: The Bridge

I had a dream once that was simple in nature, but very profound to me at the same time. I dreamed that I was in New York City, of all places, bearing in mind I’ve never visited there before. To make matters more disconcerting, I was driving by myself with no knowledge of where I was going. The next thing I know, I’m on this giant bridge going upward over what I can only imagine is the Hudson River. I can see clearly the huge, tall, solid iron-and-concrete structure of the bridge reaching towards the sky as I climb further and further. Interestingly enough, I’m not scared; I’m intrigued, as I closely watch the road in front of me and quickly make my ascension towards the pinnacle of the old bridge. I’m moving along smoothly, even though I have no idea where I’m going or where the other side will lead.

As I approach the top, just before I cross over to begin making my way down the other side something very strange happens. For what seemed like a long moment, but most likely would have been only a couple seconds if it were real, the car moved forward and downward, but I could no longer see the road. I knew I was headed onto the other side in the same direction and was in no way in danger of going off the bridge. However, I still felt the fear and uncertainty that I could not see the road in front of me. In fact, all I really saw was the sky. I was aware of my tires touching the pavement of the bridge, and my equilibrium warned me I was going over the peak. My sense of logic told me to be patient and, eventually, the car would complete its motion downward, and I would once again see the road and, to a lesser degree, the direction I was headed in. But at that moment I felt uneasy, similar to that feeling of being on a roller-coaster just before you make that first big plunge, and your stomach goes up into your throat. However, the stomach roll feeling didn’t occur because I thought I’d be making a fast, turbulent, slide down the other side. My speed was constant and steady. The reason was simply because I couldn’t see the road. In that moment of not seeing the road ahead of me, not knowing with 100% certainty, other than my basic human logic, that the road would reappear soon, I felt somewhat scared.

My logic was confirmed as I made it to the top and continued down the other side with the pavement in full view. I now had the road to follow, even though I was still lost in the city. That was okay though, because wherever I was going, I knew a road was going to get me there, and eventually, I’d figure it out.

How many times in life do we have a plan (a.k.a. a road) that directs our goals, our desires, whether immediate or long-term, and depend on that plan to achieve those things we want? Now think, how many times has that plan we conceived been halted, diverted, or changed in some way, and we’re left feeling lost, confused, and uncertain about what we’re supposed to do next? And then as life would have it, an answer (the road again) appears and we can continue either with the same goal or desire, or with an alternative that works even better.

The next time this happens to you, just remember to pause, breathe and relax. You’ll get through it because the road WILL reappear on the other side. You may still not know precisely where you’re headed; nonetheless, you’ll be on the road at least to get somewhere.