Víos Nutrition, Inc. Plant-based Nutrition for Your On-The-Go Lifestyle

If we assume the saying, “You are what you eat,” is true, then most of us are not in great shape nutritionally. With our fast-paced lifestyles, going to work, picking up the kids, attending soccer and baseball games, all the while trying to fit in a workout here and there, our eating habits and choices tend to suffer, and we wind up in the drive-thru at the local fast-food restaurant. We eat what’s quick and filling. Sadly, “quick and filling” are not the best choices for us. What if you could get three full servings of dark green vegetables in a packet that would fit in your pocket and mix with your choice of beverage? Víos Nutrition, Inc., a locally owned and operated company, has now launched its product, PHYTE, a “plant-based phytonutritional supplement” containing a blend of cereal grasses, such as barley, wheat and alfalfa, packing a powerful veggie punch, all in one little packet.

The Story of PHYTE

PHYTE was developed by Dr. Gordon Tessler, Ph.D., a nutritionist and the author of The Genesis Diet. He has used the product with his clients as a nutritional supplement for many years, but brought it to the public through two businessmen.

Víos was founded by Winston-Salem native, Brock Agee, and his partner, Joe Land, from Charleston, SC. Brock is the former president of a direct-sales nutritional company and owns and operates Le Bleu Central Distributors Inc. Brock and Joe approached Dr. Tessler with an exciting opportunity of bringing PHYTE to the masses. The product has more than 20 years of research behind it, with independent nutritional lab reports and many wonderful testimonials over the years.

“Víos was founded on the belief that whole food, plant-based nutrition is the key to overall good health. But with busy lives, many people cannot get the nutrition they need. Víos products provide that nutrition in convenient, single-serve packets that people can use wherever they go,” said Lori Patterson, Víos VP of Marketing. “Not only does PHYTE give you three servings of dark green vegetables in one packet, but it gives your body much more.”

Víos PHYTE offers two other super-green foods, chlorella and spirulina. Chlorella is a good source of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. It is effective at radiating younger-looking skin because it naturally increases levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and glutathione, which can eliminate free radicals and protect your cells. Chlorella also helps to regulate hormones and metabolism while promoting higher levels of energy. Spirulina is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients. It is high in calcium, with over 26 times the calcium in milk.

“PHYTE is our signature product and the one my kids love,” said Lori. “I mix it with their favorite juice, and they get their three servings of greens.”

Matrix: Not Your Regular Meal Replacement

At the end of 2016, Víos launched their newest product, Matrix, a full meal replacement shake also formulated by Dr. Tessler. Víos Matrix is a complete, plant-based nutrition shake with a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, natural vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, branched chain amino acids and high-quality fiber. Matrix is whey-free, with no added sugar, salt, filler or preservatives. It is also a dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and it is verified organic by the USDA.

“People are familiar with whey protein, but the body can’t process high amounts of protein that some shakes have without a balance of fiber and carbohydrates. Matrix is plant-based and has a complete balance, along with prebiotics, probiotics and adaptogens to provide the maximum impact and overall health benefits. Matrix can be part of a weight-loss program with only 140 calories and 21 grams of protein,” stated Lori.

As Víos grows, they want to continue to offer the highest-quality nutritional products. In order to expand into new markets and develop additional products, Víos is offering an investment opportunity for a limited time through the platform startengine.com.

“In March of this year, we announced that we reached $1 million in sales in less than a year. With the capital raise, we will be able to bring more products to the marketplace and allow the public to become an early investor in a local company at the ground level,” said Lori. “As we look into 2017, we have an electrolyte, plant-based product in the planning, which, too, will be on-the-go, in that can be added to a bottle of water. Unlike what is on the market now, our product will not have the dyes, added sugars or aspartame that others have. Our products are sold online and through 2500 brand partners throughout the US and Canada. We’re coming to the marketplace at the right time, with people getting more health-conscious, and more research studies being conducted on the extraordinary benefits of a plant-based diet,” Lori concluded.

It seems the future is bright and “green” for Víos Nutrition.

For more information on Víos Nutrition, Inc. and its products, visit  .vioslife.com.