I have a new obsession, and for once it’s not chocolate, chocolate chip cookies or ice cream. It’s GLIDERS. These gliders have been making a major appearance in my workouts lately, because I cannot get over how effective and fun they can be!

  • What are Gliders? Gliders are thin discs shaped like paper plates. You can use them to “glide” during a movement. Gliders are the perfect budget-friendly and portable workout tool that enables you to get a full-body workout at home. You use little space and little impact! If you don’t want to invest in gliders, you can use a pair of paper towels, hand towels or paper plates on hardwood floors.
  • What are the benefits of Gliders? Gliders are great for your core. If you’ve mastered sit-ups and crunches, it’s time for you to try gliders. Many core gliding exercises start in a plank position, so you will work your entire core from front to back, and your shoulders.
  • Gliders can improve your stability. When using gliders, it takes a lot of balance and core strength to stay on your feet. Most of the muscles in your legs and core have to work together to keep you from falling.
  • Gliding exercises are non-impact. All the exercises with gliders are low-impact and don’t involve you slamming your feet or hands on the ground. If you suffer from any sort of aches and pains, these are effective to help you train.

Here is an example of a 15-Minute Glider Workout. You can do this one time through for 15 minutes or do a couple more rounds for a longer workout. Make sure you warm up beforehand and stretch afterward!

Mountain Climbers: Start with 1 minute of mountain climbers. You will have the gliders on your toes in a plank position with heels lifted. Keep your upper body still and slowly bring your knees in and back in a mountain-climbing motion. Make sure your core is engaged, and your wrists stay under your shoulders.

Bridge Sweeps: Next, let’s give our wrists a break and move into bride sweeps. Lie on your back and place the gliders under your heels. Bring your hips up toward the ceiling and then alternate extending one leg out and in. Each time make sure to bring your heel back under your glutes. Keep your hips high the entire time. You should feel this in your glutes and hamstrings. Do this exercise for 1 minute.

Lunges: Come up to standing and place the glider on your back toe. Bring your back leg into a standing position and back out to a deep lunge; go slow and keep the movement controlled. Make sure to keep your abs engaged, relax the shoulders and don’t lean forward. Do one leg for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.

Plank to Pike: This one is a doozy, but it’s so fun! Come down to a plank position and place the gliders under your feet, keep your heels lifted. From your plank position, lift your hips up to the ceiling to form a pike position and then back out into a plank. Make sure not to arch your back and keep your shoulders over your wrists the entire time. Do this movement slowly for 1 minute.

Runners Lunge: From your plank position, keep the gliders under your feet and glide your right foot forward to the outside of your right wrist, back to a plank position and then glide your left foot forward to the outside of your left wrist. The key here is to keep your hips down and core engaged. Complete runners lunge for 1 minute.

After you’re done with those five exercises, do them two more times for a total of 3 rounds. Trust me, your core will be feeling the burn, and you’ll be smiling through your sweat!


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