Addison Webster − Celebrating 14 Years like a Rock Star

Like most teenage kids, Addison Webster loves hanging out with his friends and listening to music. Armed with this knowledge, his mom, Erin, may have just secured herself a place in the Mother Hall of Fame. When it came time to plan his birthday celebration, she planned it up big, with a concert-themed party.

The level of detail was extraordinary. Every detail was thoughtfully planned out, including:

Concert ticket invitations: At a glance, the tickets would be virtually indistinguishable from a real concert ticket! The detail was amazing!

Bouncer: Every concert includes security! A friend’s dad was a great sport and played the role of security for the evening!

Buffet and Bartender: A candy-buffet of epic proportions, coupled with every conceivable soft drink, was the stuff of a teenager’s dream! Sugar crashes were inevitable.

Band: Can’t go to a concert without a band! Burning Blades, a Lewisville-based cover band comprised of home-schooled teenagers, rocked the house with covers from Green Day, Slayer, Metallica and more!

DJ: When the band took a break, the DJ stepped in to keep the energy going!

The birthday bash was hosted at Clemmons Gym, in order to accommodate all of Addison’s friends from Forbush, West Forsyth, Arts Based Elementary and other local schools. Over 40 kids and their parents converged for an evening to celebrate a young man who not only has a great supportive family, fantastic taste in music, but also a giving heart!

When the Websters began their birthday planning, Addison was more focused on a great time with his friends and didn’t want presents. He asked that his friends bring canned food to donate to the Clemmons Food Pantry instead of gifts. One family was so moved by the selfless gesture that they went to the store during the party to bring back more! All total, over 250 lbs. of food was collected for the Clemmons Food Pantry in honor of Addison’s birthday!

This was a birthday party to remember! Addison, we hope your year leading up to 15 rocks!!!!