Amy Linville Allstate Insurance Agency: Staying True to Her Hometown Roots

Since a young age, Amy Linville knew Kernersville would always be home for her. Linville majored in education during college; however, after teaching for a few years, she discovered that she wanted a career that hit home for her. She became a second-generation Allstate insurance agent and in 2011, took over the family business. Now, Linville is combining lessons from her father, a love for helping others, and from the community in her all-woman-run Allstate agency in Kernersville. Her company provides clients with financial services, as well as car, homeowner’s, and life insurance. In addition, “toys” insurance for boats, motorcycles, etc., is available.

A Family Affair

“I quit teaching in 1999 and started working for my dad, who was an Allstate agent. This was a transitional time for me; I was trying to find what I wanted to do. I started out as a sales producer and in customer service. Quickly, I discovered working with Allstate was where I wanted to be. In 2006, I received my appointment as an insurance agent, and five years later, I took over when my dad retired,” remembered Linville.

According to Linville, her family jokes that her dad never really retired, because it seemed as if he didn’t do anything at work. However, she soon found out this wasn’t true and that there is more to running a small business than most people think. “I learned that my dad did so much behind the scenes. For a business owner, it can be overwhelming, yet very rewarding. There are long hours at the beginning, which include taking laptops home and working all hours,” stated Linville.

With a background in education, Linville wanted to transfer this passion into helping her clients understand their insurance needs. “I love meeting with clients and assisting them with their package deals. Also, I enjoy informing them about the insurance products and risks. My heart and passion lie in educating people about their assets and protecting their family’s future,” shared Linville.

Just a Hometown Girl

As a self-proclaimed hometown gal, Linville put down her roots in the city where she grew up—Kernersville. “This city and all the surrounding areas are so unique. Everyone in this town, including the chamber members, town management, etc., all want to put service and energy back into local businesses. We are all for the shopping and supporting local businesses and helping each other. There is just a small town feel here that I love,” admitted Linville.

Her enthusiasm for Kernersville has led Linville into getting involved in several local non-profit organizations. For the past 20 years, she has been a member of the Kernersville Woman’s Club, an organization that focuses on empowering women through various projects. Through the Kernersville Woman’s Club, Linville is on a chairing committee that focuses on breast health and cancer patients and survivors. In addition, she works at the children’ ministry in her church. “I have a seven-year-old daughter and got involved in the children’s ministry with her. This is a vital part of our church, and it is important for children to have a good grounding, be exposed to the community, and learn about citizenship, giving back, and leadership,” explained Linville.

Her passion for giving back is also seen through her Allstate agency. Allstate partners with the national organization, Purple Purse. This nonprofit provides assistance to victims of financial and domestic abuse. Locally, Linville’s business works with the organization, Next Step Ministries. During the month of October, the company will be holding a donation drive for the charity.

“At our office, we have donation bins where you can drop off paper products, cleaning supplies, and monetary donations. Next Step Ministries recently opened a new safe house, and they are trying to stock it with various products. If you make a donation, you’ll receive a purple tassel. This tassel raises awareness for domestic violence and financial abuse. As a business owner, I see that my agency’s mission and ministry is to give back and help those in need,” said Linville.

Girl Power at Allstate

Four other staff members work with Linville at Allstate. Together, the team shares similar goals and has customer service experience. However, there is also something else the group has in common. “It wasn’t intentional and just happened that way, but my staff is all-female. We all have the same vision, drive, and mission that works well together. They are a great support team,” said Linville. Two of the staff members work in customer service and retention. The other two employees are sales producers and are licensed to write policies and bind coverage. Linville feels as if the company is in a good position for the coming years.

“I wanted to have a career where I could grow, and I know I’m in the right place to do that. Also, Allstate is in an excellent position for growth, and we’re confident in the future. This is a company that is forward-thinking, and I’m grateful to be a part of it. My goal and hope is to be around for 30 more years,” related Linville.

Amy Linville Allstate Insurance Agency is located at 131 E. Mountain Street in Kernersville. Call (336) 996-1021 or visit online at Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, YouTube, and Google+.