Ardmore Baptist Church Singles Group

Ardmore Baptist Church has been a staple in Winston-Salem since its founding in 1927. People of all ages attend the church and participate in its many programs and groups. The programs and groups include a preschool, a “Young at Heart” club for older adults, choirs, youth and college groups, and Bible studies for adults. The “Singles Group” at Ardmore is one of the adult Bible studies that brings together singles from various walks of life to study the word of God.

“This is a group of men and women who enjoy conversation about themes in the Bible, as well as simple fellowship. We like to get together for meals, and board games are often on tap,” said Kathy Wilheit, leader of the Singles Group.

The group includes people in their twenties, thirties, and forties. Every Tuesday evening, they meet from 6:00–7:15 pm at Twin City Hive for Bible study. During this time, Wilheit states, they begin with grabbing coffee or desserts and catching up with each other. Then, the Singles Group moves into their Bible study.

“In September, we are going to start a new series called ‘ANIMATE: Practices.’ This Bible study includes seven lessons about the central practices of the Christian faith, including prayer, food, worship, sacraments, money, service, and community,” Wilheit explained.

In this study, group members will watch videos from Christian leaders, answer questions, journal, and share ideas on how they can put the lesson information to use in their lives. Sound like a Bible study you might be interested in? The good news is, you don’t have to be a member of Ardmore Baptist Church to participate in the Singles Group!

“Not all participants regularly attend Ardmore. All people have to do is just show up! The door is always open to anyone. However, I might shut the door when we’re getting a little rowdy, for the sake of the other customers,” joked Wilheit.

According to Wilheit, the mission of the Singles Group is to fellowship and learn how God works in our lives. The group is just one of the many ways Ardmore Baptist Church spreads God’s love in the community since its founding. The church was originally called “Tabernacle Baptist Church” until 1938. When built, Ardmore Baptist stood in the then West End section of town. At that time, there was no Baptist church in the area. Many members attended Brown Memorial Church. However, after a difference of opinion occurred within the church, many members left and the assistant minister, P.C. James, resigned. Soon after, James began serving as minister of Tabernacle Baptist Church. Later, the church would be called Ardmore Baptist. The name referred to the area of West End where the church was located, and it also was named after a planning consultant in 1916 from Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

The church has four core values that lead its congregation. These values state that it is “Christ-centered, biblically grounded, relationally guided, and ministry-driven.” Together, the four values are used to connect people with Christ. The values are also seen in the church’s programs and groups.

If you’re looking for a Bible study and a place to explore the word of God, the Singles Group at Ardmore Baptist Church is the place to be. Tuesday evenings will soon become your favorite time of the week.

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