The Bella Hair Co. and Beauty Studio – Helping You Get Prom-Ready

Since 2014, The Bella Hair Co. and Beauty Studio in Winston-Salem has been helping high school girls get ready for one of the most glamorous nights of their life—prom. After spending months picking out the right dress and shoes, it is now time to decide on the perfect hairstyle.

“One of the many services we provide at the salon is prom hairstyles. First, we’ll look at the color and style of their dress and determine what hairstyle would look best. We talk with our clients to see what look they are going for and give feedback. Also, girls can bring in pictures of styles they want us to re-create. Also, our stylists can do prom makeup with MAC products. For the makeup, we can do full applications, eye-only, or just lashes,” said owner Ashley Hurst.

Prom season is always a busy time for the salon. Hurst suggests as soon as you know the date of prom, schedule your appointment; the earlier, the better. With these appointments, trial hair and make-up are not needed. Plan on spending an hour to an hour-and-a-half for getting both hair and make-up done.

“Prom appointments are much more laid back and are a fun time for us to be creative with the hairstyles. Sometimes we have clients asking for a stylist they have worked with before. Normally, girls will come in with their mothers, but we have seen people come in with their sisters or aunts. Also, groups of friends have made appointments together. However, if you are planning on coming in a group, be sure to call ahead to check our availability,” said Hurst.

When it comes to the different lengths of hair, stylists at The Bella Hair Co. and Beauty Studio have experience in creating styles for both long and short. According to Hurst, there are several trends to look for during the 2017 season. Some include the retro middle part and side part, the Bohemian braid twist, and the fish tail.

“Right now, the messy wave with a half-up style and pieces around the face is a popular hairstyle. It is very whimsical. Also, we have done the French braids, either in all-up or half-up styles. Side braids are very in, as well, as the half-up and half-down look. Our stylists have lots of hairstyles clients can choose from. These hairstyles work for both short and long hair and match with any type of dress. Our goal is to make sure our clients leave with their desired look,” said Hurst.

While there are some myths surrounding what works best for styling your hair, it is important to remember to arrive at your appointment with clean, trimmed, and dry hair. Follow your normal routine and use products you usually do. For example, if you use oil for frizzy hair, still do so on prom day. As for your face, follow your normal routine, as well. Having clean and moisturized skin is a plus for applying make-up. Also, wear a button-down shirt that is easy to remove.

“Normally, girls will end up bringing their dress and changing into it before leaving the salon. That way, if there are any fly-aways or problems, we can fix them right there. The stylists are always careful to make sure a client’s hair is secured and sprayed down to the point where it won’t move throughout the night,” said Hurst.

The perfect dress, shoes, hair, and make-up will make every girl feel like a celebrity on prom night. Stylists at The Bella Hair Co. and Beauty Studio are here to make the night memorable by helping girls achieve their ideal look. After all, prom is a day and night to remember.

The Bella Hair Co. and Beauty Studio is located at 501 Ricks Drive in Winston-Salem. Call (336) 686-5939 or (336) 893-6554 or visit online at Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.