Ben Rue – A Musician with a Story to Tell

Musician Ben Rue is living proof that, no matter what, it is possible to live a happy, healthy life with diabetes, as long as you are proactive about managing it. As someone with a sporadic schedule and constant travel requirements, it would be easy for Ben to forget to check his blood sugar or leave his insulin behind. Unfortunately, doing either of these things is not a safe option for anyone with diabetes, but Ben has tools that make it easier to keep tabs on his levels whenever necessary.

“Managing my diabetes can be complicated,” stated Ben. “Keeping a routine schedule, eating healthy and getting exercise are key but can be very challenging to do on the road. I check my blood sugar 8–10 times a day to make sure I’m in my ideal target range. It’s hard to know how late I will be up night to night, so that can also make things difficult. My Accu-Chek Guide system comes with a spill-resistant test strip vial and a port light which makes it easy to test, whether I’m backstage or in the back of a van. However, the biggest challenge is probably the lack of routine. Some nights I don’t get home until three or four in the morning, which can throw my numbers out of whack. It just makes it that much more important to test often.”

Ben is teaming up with Roche Diabetes Care, the maker of Accu-Chek Guide, to help others by describing his own journey with diabetes. “Everybody knows someone with diabetes, and there are a lot of people going through what I’m going through,” added Ben. “I’ve seen the frustrating days and the embarrassing moments, but also the amazing unexpected blessings that can come from having diabetes. I just hope that I can inspire someone to stay motivated and positive.”

As far as Ben’s music is concerned, it is fresh, fun and everything we all love about country music. The wholesome nature and uplifting spirit go hand-in-hand with Ben’s message and support of those living with diabetes. “I grew up on country music,” said Ben. “My mother plays several instruments and passed down her love for music to me and my brothers at a very young age. I also grew up on a farm, listening to nothing but country music while driving tractors. Nineties country is where most of my inspiration came from.”

Ben Rue is coming to our area this month! “I’m honored to be part of some upcoming iHeart radio shows in Charlotte, NC on November 2nd,” Ben remarked. “I’ll be performing at the WKKT Kat Jam. I’m excited to share the stage with Big & Rich, William Michael Morgan, Chase Bryant, Scotty McCreery, Jerrod Niemann and Cam. You can also check out my new EP, Back to the Nights, find upcoming tour dates at and follow me on social media @benruemusic. To learn more about Accu-Chek Guide, visit”