Beyond the Physical − Student Athletes Train for Life at Momentum Personal Training

10ff IMG_9302For student athletes with an interest in making their middle and high school sports teams, making their college team, or just wanting to get into shape, Momentum Personal Training offers sports-specific training that helps students succeed in more than just sports.

What makes Momentum different from other training facilities? It’s the owner and trainer—Laniel Crawford—who takes a personal interest in each student and focuses on aspects of training that extend beyond the physical and into the classroom, and then throughout an individual’s life.

“When I was in middle school, a coach took interest in me, and this amazing gentleman worked with me not only on athletics, but also made sure I was cared for in the classroom,” Crawford says. “As a result of the kindness, dedication and inspiration of this coach, I attended Duke University on a full scholarship for track and football.”

Students train using Olympic-style lifting platforms, free weights, cardio- equipment, power runner, kettlebells, Vertimax, and more! Momentum also assists injured students with their rehab, once they have been released from their doctor.

10ff IMG_9124Over the past three years, Momentum Personal Training has had 43 students sign for college scholarships, and 96 percent of all students have been successful in making their middle or high school teams (including dance and cheerleading teams). The remaining 4 percent are students who have decided they do not have an interest in playing a sport and just want to lose weight and get into shape.

Crawford works with students on speed, agility, balance, coordination and strength, but he doesn’t focus only on the physical. “Self-esteem, respect for self and others, motivation to be a successful adult, and other aspects are equally important for their performance,” he says.


Momentum offers adult and student sessions for individuals, families or teams. December is an excellent time to purchase a gift certificate stocking stuffer. You can purchase 10 sessions and get the 11th for free (adults $50 per session; students $40 per session). Call 336-407-0770 for more information and to schedule a complimentary introductory session.

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