Birthday Traditions

Families are like fingerprints…every one is different. One of the great things about families is family tradition and, specifically, when the tradition becomes synonymous with the event itself. We see traditions at various holidays throughout the year, but we thought it would be fun to explore family traditions for birthdays. Even if you have birthday traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, we think these are some great new traditions that families may want to consider!

The Birthday Story: Make it an annual tradition to tell the story of the day the “birthday girl or birthday boy” was born.

Birthday Breakfast: Start the day off with a favorite breakfast and a song! Celebrate all day long!

Holiday Birthdays: Celebrate half-birthdays, so that holiday-born children feel that they have a special day that is all their own.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Create an adventure for one special gift to be found through a series of clues. The number of clues can correspond to their age.

Milestone Moments: For certain milestones, do something commemorative. Plant a tree on the 5th birthday…. Name a star after the child on their 13th…. For their 16th, adopt an exotic animal….

Play 20 Questions: Ask the child their favorite color, favorite song, favorite character, etc. every year on their birthday. Record their favorites each year and give them a Birthday Book of Favorites on their 18th birthday!

Create a Birthday Chair: If decorating the house with streamers and balloons isn’t your thing, decorate a special chair that is designated as the “Birthday Chair.”

Birthday Tablecloth: Each year, on a child’s birthday, pull out a special tablecloth just for them. Coat the child’s palm with fabric paint and add their handprints to the tablecloth each year. Don’t forget to date each set of prints!

Age-Corresponding Gifts: For a boy’s 5th birthday, perhaps five new Hot Wheels. For a girl’s 13th birthday, 13 pink tea roses. Give a gift that corresponds to their new age.

Golden Birthdays: When the birthday person’s age matches their birth date, e.g., when the child was born on the 12th and is turning 12, the gift is a piece of gold jewelry or a passed-down family heirloom.

What are some of your family traditions? E-mail them to!