Bloomday Granite & Marble Begins Renovating New Space for Customers

Since its opening, Bloomday Granite & Marble has put customers first. The extensive options available, knowledgeable staff present to attend to every need and fantastic customer service from start to finish have allowed for impressive growth in recent years.

The first of these changes took place within the staff. “Back in 2011, there was a small outside sales staff and two main inside sales team members,” said Tonya Hunsinger. “Since then, our sales staff has doubled, and our presence in the community has grown. We rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals and look to that as our main way of advertising. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing that customers were referred to us by their neighbors, friends or family members; that speaks volumes for the type of impression we are hoping to achieve with our clients and installs. That increase in volume has certainly created a need [for] a larger, more inviting space.”

That brings along the next big change! “I think people were shocked when they visited our old warehouse, because it was simply that,” said Hunsinger. “A warehouse, with stones, loud machinery and tooling. Yes, we have a separate office space, but we always hear people’s comments of, ‘Am I at the right place?’ or, ‘I’ve gone through the wrong entrance.’ We want to ensure people know where to enter the building, that people have a quiet space where they can browse and make decisions and that we have separate office spaces when one-on-one communication in a private area is needed.” To accomplish all of these goals, Bloomday Granite & Marble decided to create a beautiful new space to showcase all it has to offer!

This new space will not only give customers options for the type of experience they have, but it will also give them visuals of products they may or may not have considered before. “With the growth and volume, our staff has realized the need for multiple displays and space to adequately help customers,” said Hunsinger. “We want a welcoming atmosphere that’s more customer-friendly and allows us the opportunity to showcase and display all of the applications of granite and quartz that are often overlooked. Many people don’t realize the many uses of granite and quartz, like tub surrounds, fireplaces, bars, tables, shower walls, etc.). With new displays, we will be able to show the upgraded features that we currently don’t have the space to show off—the waterfall edges and ends for a more contemporary look, custom-built sinks, custom-built drain boards, chiseled edges, laminated thicknesses, etc. By having the space to show these talents, we are hoping people try new things and expand their design ideas.”

Bloomday Granite & Marble has high hopes for all the new space will offer its clients, as well as streamline the process on the business side. “We are hoping the new space will increase productivity and business,” said Hunsinger. “We have been blessed with our success through the years. We appreciate and value our customers and want them to feel comfortable with us and to feel like they are working with a close friend. We want our new space to be functional. We want space for people to browse and look at options, not feel rushed or pressured. When our clients leave, we want them to say, ‘Wow, that was a much easier process than I anticipated.’ During the process of building or remodeling, a client is under a lot of pressure to make decisions, to make them correctly and also keep within their budget. We are hoping the new showroom will make customers feel at ease and, with the help of our sales staff, will make their decisions effortless and pain-free.”

Construction of this beautiful new space began in late March and will continue for three to four months. Once complete, customers will love the expansive design located at 3810 Indiana Avenue in Winston-Salem. For more information, call 336.724.0300, or visit the website at

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