Book Nook: January 2016

Mighty Machines, Dump Trucks and Other Big Machines
Reviewed by Emily Eileen Carter

This content-rich book gives readers real-life uses, functions and jobs of big machines and trucks.

Even though this book has school-appropriate material, my son loves this book for the big, bright photos of trucks and machinery. He is currently obsessed with trucks!

So, if you are looking for a way to sneak in some reading and vocabulary with high-interest photos, and to have fun with your child, this is the book for you!


Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard; Book 1: The Sword of Summer
By Rick Riordan
Genre: Fiction and Norse Mythology
Reviewed by Lisa S. T. Doss

Through problems and hardships, the protagonist of a story always survives, sometimes even incomprehensible “leaps” into danger; however, in this newest Riordan series, readers may be surprised that the main character, Magnus Chase, begins a new life by dying. As a fan, you may have learned a great deal about Greek, Roman or Egyptian mythology. Now, through the “hero,” Magus Chase, the cousin of Annabel Chase, the story emphasizes interesting characters and gods, as well as weapons and the Norse legends. Beyond death, in a hotel called Valhalla, Magnus has been chosen for Odin’s army to train until doomsday, a foretold battle called Ragnarok. By escaping the hotel with friends, an elf and a dwarf, Magnus finds the Sword of Summer and tries to prevent an impending war. Readers will enjoy this new, fast-paced, quick-thinking adventure; however, one warning: Loki is a trickster even in this story. The second book will arrive in early October 2016.  


The Thickety: A Path Begins, Book 1
By J.A. White
Genre: Fantasy
Age level: Intended for 8- to 10-year-olds; I’d say even 10 +
Reviewed by Lisa S.T. Doss

Let me be clear—this story walks a fine line between being thrilling and scary, and being overly-detailed. (For instance, the story opens with Kara, a five-year-old child, being kidnapped and taken to watch her mother be blamed for witchcraft, and die in the hands of townspeople.) In the years following, Kara, brother Taff, and her Dad live in severe poverty and persecution. While “The Thickety” is feared for having terrible creatures and a demon named Sordyr, these creatures are mild compared to a girl named Grace. Beautiful and viewed as a member of the “Right Path,” Grace has a dark side very few know. She can silkily manipulate people to get her way. Once Grace has discovered that Kara covets a “grimoire,” she will do whatever is necessary to have it! Readers will find the first installment to be well written with wonderful, colorful characters. While “The Path” appears clear, the ending will lead readers to book two, The Whispering Woods.

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