Book Nook: June 2016

Adventurers Wanted, Book One: Slathbog’s Gold
By: M.L. Forman
Reviewed by: Lisa S.T. Doss
Ages: 10 to 14

It was just a small sign outside a bookshop window. Alex Taylor found the words “Adventurers Wanted. Apply Within” interesting; therefore, he walked into Mr. Clutter’s shop. If you like unexpected happenings, adventure, and magic, you will enjoy accompanying Alex through the door to a faraway land. Yes, Alex becomes an “adventurer,” alongside seven others in a company comprising elves and dwarfs. Along the way, Alex realizes he is not an ordinary human, but something much more. As a fifteen-year-old, he is necessary to the group who seek the lair and plan to kill an evil dragon named Slathbog the Red. Alex is a thoughtful, common-sense adventurer who learns the ways and rules of the company. This well-written story of great lessons and interesting characters, loyalty and friendship has similar qualities to The Lord of the Rings series. Readers will desire to continue the adventure in books two, three, and four while waiting for another adventure to begin.


The Conspiracy of Us
By: Maggie Hall
Reviewed by Rebecca Olsen
Age: 12 to 14

She’s just your average girl. Homework, school dances and drama club—the stuff of normal teenage lives. Until she overhears the cute boy from calculus have a mysterious phone conversation that makes no sense. Avery wouldn’t have thought much about it until he also dropped a photo of her, taken without her knowledge. Is it possible he’s not the guy next door she thinks he is? It is even worse when her own identity comes into question. All of the sudden, her mundane life is put in peril in a quest that leads her across the globe, hiding from assassins and seeking out her origins. Avery June West just might not be so average. In fact, she might just be a part of one of the world’s most powerful families, who also happen to be one of the most mysterious, and maybe even a deadly one. This is a fun and fast-paced read not to be missed!


Mercy Watson to the Rescue: Book 1: Mercy Watson Series,
By: Kate DiCamillo
Reviewed by: Lisa S.T. Doss
Ages: 6 to 8

Mercy Watson sleeps in a bedroom on the second level, across the hall from Mr. and Mrs. Watson. They sing to her before bed and think she is a porcine wonder. Now, porcine is another word for pig. Yes, Mercy Watson is a pig who loves Mrs. Watson’s hot buttered toast. Next door is Eugenia and Baby Lincoln, sisters who disagree whether Mercy Watson is a good pig. Children who are ready to experience chapter books will love the adventures found in the Mercy Watson series, comprising six books. Readers will become familiar with firefighters Ned and Lorenzo, who continue to save the day. In subsequent books, children will easily be able to answer, “What do you think happens next?” and “How will Mercy’s adventure end?”   Great compelling characters and concepts of predictability are two factors which will make this series a child’s favorite!

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