The Calvary Difference: Connecting Heart & Mind

At Calvary Day School (CDS), we are blessed and excited to have been educating children in our community for over 45 years! We committed to outstanding education built on a Biblical foundation that prepares our students for college and life. We strive to connect the hearts and minds of our students every time they walk through our doors, whether it is in the classroom or the ballfield.

Our teachers and administrators work together to ensure that every child in every grade is having their needs met through a developmentally appropriate yet challenging curriculum that is consistent year after year. With an average class size of 18, teachers are able to form bonds with their students and have a vested interest in seeing them reach their God-given potential on all levels. The teachers work closely with parents to ensure needs are being met. But most importantly, our families come together to support each other and lift each other up. Lifelong friends are made in these halls, and it’s not just among the students!

What does CDS have to offer?

CDS’s Early Education program offers a wide range of multi-sensory activities designed specifically for children 2-4 years of age. These classes are offered 2, 3, or 5 days per week from 8:15-noon. Our Early Education students participate in group activities and learn science, math, art, reading readiness, and music through play and games that are designed to for this age to thrive and succeed.

Our Lower School program is where the foundation for lifelong learning begins. In grades K-6th, our students are encouraged and challenged with the building blocks of phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, math, science, writing, and Latin vocabulary. Each core class is taught in conjunction with Biblical teachings and supported by specialty classes. Our students participate in music, art, chapel, P.E., and media center each week to provide a well-rounded experience.

Once our students reach the Upper School, they really begin to soar as independent thinkers. They are taught to think critically and make God centered conclusions based on the academic knowledge they have gained. Our students are focused on learning, integrating, and communicating truth as they are given the opportunity to master a difficult but rewarding college preparatory curriculum. Every student in the high school uses their Google Chromebook to integrate technology into their daily learning and has access to state of the art labs. With 100% graduation rate and college acceptance rate, our students leave us prepared and confident to make a difference in colleges and universities across the world.

Through the numerous extracurricular activities offered, our student graduate from CDS well rounded. Minds are engaged through a wide range of clubs, and hearts are changed through our service projects. Service projects range from our 2-year-old class making get well cards to our senior class mission trip to Costa Rica where they teach Vacation Bible School and work on construction projects. These service opportunities are often one of the highlights of our students’ Calvary Day School experience.

While academic excellence is a priority at CDS, athletics and the arts are a big part of the overall student experience. Through athletic training and competition, we teach sportsmanship, fellowship, teamwork, and respect. As members of the North Carolina Independent School Association (NCISAA), students are able to compete at the middle, junior varsity, and varsity level. CDS is competitive in 13 sports at various levels, such as soccer, cheerleading, basketball, cross country, volleyball, tennis, swimming, track, golf, baseball, and softball.

CDS also offers top-notch drama and arts programs. Every fall and spring the upper school students are engaged in various productions including dinner theater, spring musical, Christmas program, and other productions. Each production is performed with excellence as an act of worship. Lower school students are also able to participate in our musical theater, talent show and music classes throughout the year.

CDS can be your family too!

For over 45 years, it has been Calvary Day School’s tradition to graduate students that are well rounded, have a love for Christ, and are prepared to impact the world around them. We are blessed and honored to have Alumni around the country and the world living out their personal mission thanks to the foundation and preparation they received at CDS.

This school is a community; a community that welcomes new members with open arms. Our students, our families, our teachers, our staff; everyone is a member of our family. We support each other, we love each other, we help each other, we pray for each other. We would love to show you the Calvary difference and welcome you into this family!

For more information on Calvary Day School or to schedule a tour, please call 336-714-5479.

“As a parent, one of the things that warms my heart is the way that these teachers truly care about my kids and the person they are becoming. They are treated with respect and greeted with a smile. My kids are learning to become better people because of CDS.” Kelly Parker, CDS Parent (Lower School and Early Ed) (Frame this in a standalone box)

“I feel extremely blessed to teach at a school like Calvary Day School. I am surrounded by families, teachers, and administration that truly care about not only teaching excellence in academics but also teaching our children to think, learn, and live for Jesus Christ.” Scott Tolentino, Upper School Teacher (Frame this in a standalone box)


Upcoming Dates:

Cougar Tip Off basketball Tournament – Nov. 10th – 11th

A Christmas Carol Dinner Theater – Nov. 16th – 18th

Open House for Preschool – Nov. 15th and Dec. 13th

Open House for K-12 – Dec. 6th