Carolina Crown Leads the Field of “Top 8” in Winston Salem, Sunday, July 26, 2015

By Willy Minnix

54ff-Hornline2-SFW  I found out about a really cool event that I’m sure those of you who love music will want to attend. The Carolina Crown Drum & Bugle Corps, a Drum Corps International Championship drum corps, will be one of the eight top drum corps performing at BB&T Field this year on Sunday July 26! For almost 30 years, this family event has been held in Charlotte, but this year it is being brought to Winston-Salem and the attendance is expected to exceed 11,000 people! This is one of the top shows of its kind in the nation.

Carolina Crown is a world championship drum corps with 80 brass, 30 percussion and 40 flags. They perform themed shows that are designed to thrill and entertain the whole family.

54ff-_TG13164-SFWEveryone is familiar with their local high school marching band, but the corps from DCI take marching band to a professional level. Some of the past members of DCI corps include much of the staff and performers of the musical Blast, members of the stage performance group STOMP, and members of the Blue Man Group. The participants in the Carolina Crown come from all over the country and all over the world to participate in their tour this year, which will cover over 11,000 miles!

The purpose of the Carolina Crown Drum Corps is to promote leadership through music, and to instill these important values in young people. Often Carolina Crown alumni go on to teach band at high schools and colleges. Some of their former members you might see on ESPN working with the NFL or NBA drumlines. In the past, Carolina Crown led the Walt Disney Day Parade at Christmas. DCI bands have performed in the opening ceremonies at the Olympics in the US, and have even been involved in music videos on MTV.

54ff-_TG13196-SFWAnd you will get a chance to check them out in person. Each corps performs an 11- minute themed show. Some of the themes planned this year are “Dante’s Inferno,” and one on “Paris, the City of Lights.” In the past there have been themes associated with ballet, sports, and even one I saw on the Chinese military classic the Art of War. The creativity and beauty that is exhibited in these performances is second to none. This year the WSFCS school district will be involved, and your participation will go to help support their band program as well. This is a great event that is going to be not only an exciting show, but a chance to give back to the community as well.

54ff-_TG13334-SFWIf you would like to learn more about Carolina Crown, order tickets, or look at some of their amazing videos, you can go to I spoke with Jim Williams, one of the board members and organizer of the event, and he had nothing but positive things to say about the young people who are involved. They are all hard-working kids who have developed musical skills to such a high level of precision. What amazed me as I was enjoying the videos was how the entire corps moves as one. You see a little of this on your high school football field, but these young people are AMAZING! What I saw was over 100 people moving as one unit, going through intricate formations and creating stunning works of art that constantly flowed and moved and morphed into something new every other second! It was truly mind-blowing. You are definitely going to want to learn more about this event on Sunday, July 26, at the BB&T Field!