Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center “Dare to be Beautiful”

The mission of Dr. Anne L. White and her staff at Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center becomes evident the moment you walk into the office.  The ambience is one of quiet elegance.  Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center is well-known in the medical community and the community at-large for their level of expertise and care for their patients.  They are trained in the latest cosmetic treatment methods and enhancements for the benefit of their patients.

Among the many procedures performed at Carolina Laser, tattoo removal is one of the more frequent requests.  Dr. White has been perfecting this procedure since 2002, having performed over 25,221 sessions and counting. She provides the very latest technology, including PicoSure®, which operates100 times faster than any other laser currently available on the market. Statistically, about 30% of college graduates have tattoos; over 45 million Americans are estimated to have tattoos.  “Tattoo regret” is a real emotion and occurs for most in their late 20’s; the average age seeking tattoo removal is 29, with 70% women, 30% men.  Some relate to change in life style, limited clothing options, job acceptance (including the military), an ex’s name no longer welcome, or the desire that their child not see it.  Dr. White stated that, on average, she sees four to seven patients a day for tattoo removal.  It may require anywhere from five to ten treatments to remove a tattoo, depending on the size and color, versus 20 plus sessions with an older laser.  Dr. White and her team focus on patient comfort and utilize a topical/injectable numbing agent to minimize discomfort.  Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center offers a 30-percent discount to military and first responders, as guidelines regarding tattoos have become more stringent in those career fields.

Another frequently requested procedure is hair removal.  While many laser hair removal devices are available, Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center uses the Vectus Laser™.  The Vectus Laser™ provides high volume hair removal that is fast and permanent.  According to Dr. White, this laser is suitable for all but the darkest skin types.  The large laser-spot size equates to faster treatments, covering 1 x 1½-inch area size per pulse, versus older lasers that only cover a size of ½ x ½ inch.  Generally, using the Vector Laser™, a man’s back can be treated in about eight minutes.  Using a sapphire tip and advanced contact coolants, the energy is distributed more evenly.  The most frequent request for women are facial, bikini and leg hair removal; for men, the primary requests are for back- and chest-hair, and beard removal.   Using the Vectus Laser™, the average number of sessions is six, versus ten to twelve that may be needed using other lasers.

Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center recently began offering a new procedure known as Kybella™, “an injectable prescription medicine used to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (double chin).”  Dr. White recently trained with Sue Ellen Cox, M.D., Aesthetic Solutions in Chapel Hill on this procedure, and was one of the first cosmetic surgeons in the area to be certified.  This injectable disrupts fat cells so that they cannot be stored again.  The injections are administered in a grid-like pattern (usually two vials per session).  Generally, the process requires at least two sessions, spaced 6 weeks apart.  Basically, in layman’s terms, this “melts the fat” to improve the angle of the jawline.  The procedure was approved by the FDA earlier this year (April 29th, 2015).  

Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center offers these and many other cosmetic treatment options to their patients.  Patient comfort and successful results are of upmost importance.


For more information, contact Carolina Laser & Cosmetic Center, located at 145 Kimel Park, Suite 140, Winston-Salem, NC  27103.  Telephone: 336.659.2663;


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