Chermak and Hanson Orthodontics

A beautiful smile is perhaps the best first impression you can make. Many people ignore proper dental care or assume orthodontics is solely about appearance. Orthodontic care has much more to do with overall health than many of us realize. Proper care, like that received at Chermak and Hanson Orthodontics, can correct a great deal more than just the straightness of teeth.

“Chermak and Hanson Orthodontics is a high-tech, modern, friendly orthodontic office that treats children, teens and adults,” said Dr. John Hanson. “We have [multiple locations and] focus on treatment modes that do not resemble the braces of the past, with high-tech systems that reduce or eliminate the need for head gear, extraction of teeth or jaw surgery. It is important to have your child seen for an initial visit around the age of seven. Most of the time, no orthodontic treatment is indicated at this time, but it can be a huge advantage to possibly identify a hidden problem; for example, with canine teeth starting to become impacted, or skeletal problems like under-bites that, if left untreated, require some sort of jaw surgery later on. It provides peace of mind for the parents if nothing is immediately necessary. It allows the doctors to ‘track’ a developing problem to refine the treatment plan later on. It also allows a child to get to know the doctor and staff, see their peers in treatment and realize that getting braces is a fun and rewarding process.”

Making patients feel comfortable and excited about the orthodontic process is one of the most important goals for Doctors Chermak and Hanson. “[We] are in the business of making people smile,” said Dr. David Chermak. “Chermak and Hanson Orthodontics has been treating people from Winston-Salem, Clemmons and King for many years and feel very much a part of the communities we serve.”

The devotion the doctors and staff have to the communities that support them expands beyond the practice walls. “We are always looking for ways to give back to the community,” said Dr. Chermak. “We have been supporters of Ronald McDonald House through its Sport-a-Shirt program, Luminary, Character Breakfast and other fundraisers, but wanted to take it to ‘the next level’ and get a little more hands-on. There is nothing worse than a sick child, and especially if it is difficult for their family and support network to be near them. It’s one more way, albeit indirectly, that we can help bring a smile to a child’s face. We’re [also] involved in sponsorship of just about every little league sports program available; like Twins and Optimist soccer, Winston-Salem lacrosse, baseball, basketball, football, swimming, girls’ softball and hockey, just to name a few. The practice also supports programs in the arts, like The Children’s Theater of Winston- Salem, The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem, The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem, SciWorks and various marching bands and orchestras. We have helped to build two houses for Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County, and numerous times, for a group outing, the Chermak & Hanson team has met at Build-A-Bear Workshop to create personal bears that are then donated to Brenner Children’s Hospital.”

This focus on care for others is what patients appreciate most about the doctors of Chermak and Hanson Orthodontics. “The practice files insurance claims for patients, and the staff is committed to answering phone calls within three rings, even when someone calls during lunch hour,” said Dr. Hanson. “One of the practice’s doctors is always on call for after-hours and weekend emergencies.” No matter what need arises, you will be treated as a priority at Chermak and Hanson Orthodontics! It comes as no surprise that Chermak and Hanson Orthodontics was named the 2014 Winston-Salem Journal Readers’ Choice Award Winner for Favorite Orthodontic Practice, as well as the 2013 and 2014 Favorite Orthodontic Practice in the Triad Moms on Main Choice Awards!


Chermak and Hanson Orthodontics serves patients at three locations: 1564 North Peace Haven Road in Winston-Salem (336.760.1491), 3742 Clemmons Road in Clemmons (336.766.8244), and 524 South Main Street in King (336.983.4551).  For more information, visit the website at