Chermak and Hanson

With all the new technology coming into our world almost daily, it is no surprise that it has made its way into orthodontics. While braces may seem like a simple concept, the technology behind them has made great strides in recent years, and orthodontic care is better than ever!

At the forefront of these new technologies are Drs. Chermak and Hanson, who pride themselves on offering the latest and greatest methods of care to their patients. “Braces have changed a lot over the years,” said Dr. Chermak. “Your parents’ braces and wires were made of stainless steel, which was very stiff, and were tied tightly to each brace. The old system put huge forces on the teeth, thereby hurting [patients] a lot and binding and stopping movement quickly. This is why braces hurt for weeks and required you to return to the office very often for ‘tightening.’ The more modern braces and wires which we are using are made of materials developed by NASA and are not tied tightly to each other. This allows for less force on the teeth and less binding. For the patient, that means minimal soreness that also subsides quickly, and less frequent visits to the office for adjustments—especially appealing to busy moms and teens!”

Drs. Chermak and Hanson have always dedicated their practice to the patient experience as a whole and not just the outcome of straight teeth. “Teeth are connected to people, and people are who we treat,” said Dr. Hanson. “We help the patient achieve better health and boost self-esteem by achieving a balanced dentofacial complex, of which teeth are only one small part. When a child that is at the beginning of treatment would not smile and was embarrassed to talk with people finishes treatment with a huge smile, head and shoulders held high and a whole new confident personality blossoming, it is clear that it’s about more than just straight teeth.” Dr. Hanson relays a story about a wise professor he had in orthodontic training that made the residents walk around without showing anyone their teeth for two days and then write a paper about their experience. He says it was the most eye-opening experience of his orthodontic training. It gave a small glimpse into what it feels like to be embarrassed by your teeth. He never forgot it.

The training Drs. Chermak and Hanson received gave them both remarkable respect for their patients, as well as for the community that would eventually support their practice. “Drs. Chermak and Hanson have long and strong roots in the community (no pun intended),” said Gina Brannock, Practice Administrator at Chermak & Hanson. “They are raising their children here, attend school and church here, and intend to practice here for many years. They are committed to serving the community of patients that have responded so favorably to them and their excellence in orthodontic care. [The doctors] and their employees give back to the community in many ways, big and small. One example would be our recent volunteer work with the Ronald McDonald House, when the whole practice volunteered on the luminary campaign and made lunches for residents staying at the House. The practice has also focused more on customer service. In addition to some of the things we’ve always done, like filing insurance claims on the patients’ behalf, minimizing patient wait times and greeting patients by name, we now offer free WIFI in the waiting room, have certified all our patient-relation coordinators on phone courtesy and have real people answering the phone during lunch and on non-patient days, when most offices provide an answering service.”

While all this added attention to detail may sound expensive, rest assured, it does not have to be. “Unfortunately, people think braces are ‘expensive,’” said Dr. Hanson. “As a matter of fact, they are one of the most economical types of treatment you can receive from any health-care provider. Orthodontists attend the same number of years of training as medical specialists. Think of what it would cost to see your cardiologist every month for two years and have reconstructive surgery along the way! We offer interest-free payment plans in-office for the length of treatment and file your insurance for you. In most cases, this turns out to be less than many people’s monthly cell phone bill! We offer alternatives to aid those with other circumstances and can usually tailor a plan that will work for you, providing a convenient way to invest in your new smile.”


Chermak and Hanson Orthodontics serves patients at three locations: 1564 North Peace Haven Road in Winston-Salem (336.760.1491), 3742 Clemmons Road in Clemmons (336.766.8244), and 524 South Main Street in King (336.983.4551).  For more information, visit the website at