Children’s Devotions: Stay safe

This I declare about the LORD: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him.   ~ Psalm 91:2

Sometimes it seems like there are way too many rules. “Stay right beside me while we’re shopping.” “No, you can’t play outside after dark.” “Shhh. We’re in church. Don’t be so noisy.” Mom and Dad don’t give you rules to make you mad. They give you rules because they love you and want to protect you. Even grownups have rules to follow because grownups need to be safe, too. What are some of the rules you have to obey? Can you think of any rules that Mom and Dad should obey?

At the very beginning of the world, God made Adam and Eve. He put them in a beautiful garden with all kinds of animals, and the animals all got along with each other. There were lots of good things to eat, too. God also gave them a rule to obey. Just one rule: “Don’t eat the fruit of this tree that’s here in the middle of the garden.” This one rule would keep them safe. Did they obey the rule? No, they didn’t. And now they didn’t feel safe anymore.

Have you ever felt afraid? Maybe you hear a sudden sound in the night. Maybe someone is a bully on the playground. Are you afraid of strange dogs or riding a roller coaster or learning how to swim? When you’re afraid, you don’t feel safe. It’s good to talk to a grownup about the things that scare you. The Bible says that when we are afraid, we should trust in the Lord (Psalm 56:3). You can talk to God. He knows everything about you, and he’s bigger than anything that scares you.

Obeying every rule doesn’t mean that you’ll never get hurt or never have anything bad happen. Talking to someone about the things that scare you doesn’t mean you’ll never be afraid again. But God will always be your best “safe place.” God is like a fort that keeps you safe. He cares for you like a shepherd who watches over his sheep. He hides you from danger like a hen hides its babies under its wings.

Why does God take such good care of you? Because you always obey every rule? Because you’re brave and are never afraid of anything? No! God takes good care of you because he loves you! And that’s that. So stay safe!