Christina’s Dessertery: Giving God the Glory

Seven years ago, Christina Johnson began baking and decorating cakes for family and friends. With the encouragement of her husband, Michael, and the rave reviews of those sampling her work, a business emerged. Formerly known as “Creative Cake Designs,” Christina’s business began as an operation out of her home. As a busy mom of two young boys, making and decorating cakes came naturally for Christina. Very quickly, her cakes were in demand and within four years, her home-based business outgrew the home. Michael decided to re-focus his career to join Christina, and together they created a family-owned bakery and re-christened the business “Christina’s Dessertery.”

The Johnsons are a family of deep-rooted faith, and they credit their success to God. Christina shared, “Everyone has a special talent, and I’ve been so blessed to take the one that God gave me and turn it into something that helps others celebrate milestones within their own families! My husband, who is a naturally gifted baker, joined me and brought his own expertise to the business. With God’s gifts, we have built something very special.”

Her words mirror the American writer, Leo Buscaglia, who once said, “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” Indeed, Christina embraces this philosophy. This diminutive woman is talented beyond words in creating and sculpting edible works of art, even without any formal training in cake design. Each cake is fashioned according to the customer’s specifications. “We believe that the cakes that leave our bakery are honoring God by helping others celebrate their own blessings,” shared Christina. “We are helping couples celebrate marriage, parents celebrate new life, families celebrate anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and so much more! It is such a wonderful thing knowing that our family can offer our small contribution to so many significant memories!”

The successes of the Johnson family have also been accompanied by challenges. “My husband and I have learned so much over the last three years. During some difficult times, knowing we had the support of so many—family, friends, even other business owners and strangers, all of whom wanted to see us succeed—helped us to overcome many obstacles. Most of all, we’ve learned from all our experiences—the ups as well as the downs—and what we’ve learned has enabled us to improve our efficiencies and systems.” Christina continued, “Our community is also a huge part of our success. They’ve cheered us on ever since we opened our doors, and we are so appreciative.”

The Johnsons have found a way to play to each other’s strengths. Christina, as the lead decorator, also uses her creative side to market the business while Michael manages the kitchens and maintains the financials of the business. They work in tandem, as business partners, respecting one another’s roles, and trusting that each of them has the business’ best interest at heart.

Truly, the heart of this business is rooted in thankfulness.

Part of that thankfulness is owed to Michael and Christina’s extended family! With Greek and Italian backgrounds, Michael, as lead pastry chef, has brought some of their family recipes to Christina’s Dessertery! “We are grateful to our mothers and grandmothers who shared these time-honored recipes with us,” shared Michael. “We have worked hard to perfect them and present them from our family to the families within our community.”

He continued, “It’s such a great gift to have this level of family heritage ingrained in our business. It is such an honor to bring a bit of our family history to the dessert tables of so many! But this is a great lesson for our sons who are watching us operate a family business: we take what we know, and we perfect on it. We acknowledge the gifts from God and serve Him by doing our best to honor Him.”

Christina’s Dessertery continues their commitment to offer a variety of completely scratch-made cakes and desserts, loyal customers know they can expect nothing less than the best from Christina’s Dessertery…made with Love.

Also, with the arrival of spring, Christina’s Dessertery will be busy! Not only because of the arrival of wedding season and a re-introduction to seasonal favorites, but because the Johnsons are welcoming a third son in May. “Our family has been immeasurably blessed; there will never be enough thank you’s for all we’ve been given,” said Christina.

Christina’s Dessertery is located at 1483 River Ridge Drive in Clemmons. For more information, visit the website at, or call 336.712.0300. Christina’s Dessertery is also active on Facebook and Instagram!



In a world full of quantity over quality, Christina’s Dessertery does the exact opposite. They purposefully limit the amount of orders they take each weekend in order to give each order the attention it deserves.

All desserts are baked from scratch daily. These special, secret recipes are available in a delicious variety of flavors, and great care is taken to ensure their cakes are always fresh, moist and delicious.

In addition to a daily selection of freshly baked cakes and desserts, custom creations can be ordered, including wedding cakes, groom’s cakes, sculpted and 3D creations, quinceañera, birthday cakes, dessert tables, cupcake towers, cupcakes, cookie favors, baptism and christening cakes, and much more!



“You’re treated like family when you walk through our door. We appreciate your business, and we appreciate YOU. We hope to meet you soon.”                                                                      ~ Michael and Christina Johnson, owners of Christina’s Dessertery.

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