Cozy Up with a New Book during National Book Week

The third full week of January serves as “National Book Week.” During this week-long celebration, book lovers around the country enjoy their favorite pastime—reading. In honor of this week, Forsyth Family offers the following innovative ways to research new books. Go ahead, read on and enjoy!

Check out the latest online search engines. With a few quick strokes across your keypad, you are seconds away from discovering what could be your favorite new book or series. Today there are quite a few credible online book search engines. Try out “BookSeer.” This is an online site aimed at pairing the book you just read with a future book you may enjoy. Another great website to check out is “GoodReads.” This nifty community website allows you to connect with literature fans around the world. From there, users can read reviews and find new books within minutes.

Take a look at “Best Ever” lists. If you are staying on the web to find a new book, there are countless lists online which can recommend new books to check out. Through simply researching “Top 100 Books of All Time,” one can easily find new choices—from old-time classics to innovative thrillers!

Check out Nobel Prize winners. Any of the recipients of the Nobel Prize in Literature surely knows the art of writing. This said, check out their featured works. Be ready to enjoy!

Sign up for “author alerts.” Do you have one author in particular whom you cannot get enough of? Then sign up for an “author alert.” Many of today’s best-selling authors have websites where they offer information on their latest projects. Most offer alerts for their readers, which will notify them when their new book is out on the shelf.

Join a book club. This sounds like a no-brainer, but many avid readers are not part of a book club. By joining one, readers are able to be around other like-minded people, all whom have the same common goal: reading and analyzing the latest interesting book.

Dodge best-sellers. Despite this sounding like incredibly odd advice, there is some relevance to not reading the latest best-seller. Keep in mind that many books can succeed merely on an author’s name, or a massive marketing campaign. If you really want to read a best-seller, check out a few reliable reviews beforehand (from critics and readers); otherwise, give lesser-known authors a try.

Head to your local book store. Sometimes the easiest and most interactive method for finding a new book is simply heading out to the book store. Once there, try asking a staff member what they recommend. Staff do tend to be big literature fans, so if you’re after something on a whim, talk to them for recommendations. They should also be knowledgeable about the quality of recently released best-sellers, so if you are still craving to try one out, they can weigh in with solid advice.

Visit your hometown library. Another surefire way to uncover a new book is to go to where all book lovers unite: the local library. Just like the neighborhood book store, the library offers many of the same benefits—only these benefits are served up free of charge! Another joy which the library can offer is that you can actually sit down and enjoy your book onsite. There’s no sales pressure as with book stores.

Take a road trip to a book festival. Many U.S. cities offer yearly book festivals. Visitors from around the country will take to the road to visit their favorite authors. The attraction of these festivals is that they offer readers the ability to rub elbows with their favorite authors. Check out the Savannah Book Festival, which is a day’s drive away from Winston-Salem. This yearly festival, which takes place every February in this magical Southern city, offers book readings, signings and, of course, numerous new books.

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