Creative Ways to Organize Kids Toys and Clothing

Sometimes, I wonder if our children’s toys have multiplied during the night! Even after a “family” effort of pick-up, toys are still found in the most random places. Fortunately, organization is a key theme among families in this new year. All of us want to find the “right” storage solutions that are simple and affordable, eye-catching and creative. With luck, storing toys and clothes can be an easy transition in a short amount of time. Imagine children developing a new interest in cleaning, just because of a few interesting containers!

10ff200512874-001-ResizedBoxes, Baskets, Bags and Buckets
• Art and craft stores have a grand selection of wooden creates of varying sizes, shapes and degrees of containment. Painted and labeled, and possibly bolted to the wall, the crates could be an eye-catching addition to a child’s bedroom. Books, stuffed animals and costumes could be kept safe, off the floor, and out of younger siblings’ hands.

• If boxes feel too rigid, baskets are a creative, “softer” option. Using the quilt-like handle, children can remove the basket from hooks off the wall or inside of a closet. While this would be a unique way to “display” toys, imagine the available drawer space if baskets could contain socks, underwear, or leggings, too. Some parents have taken the idea one step further and created a pulley system for the ultimate space saver!

• Who would ever think pails would be a useful tool in a bedroom? If placed on a hook, a labeled pail could contain anything from toys to art supplies.

• Imagine all of those little, intricate toy pieces contained in one bag for easy accessibility and a two-second, miracle clean-up. The “Swoop Bag” is a parent’s dream. It opens to reveal a circle, and closes with one quick pull of the nylon cord.

• Sometimes thinking outside of the box can inspire a new way to organize. An “over-the-door shoe rack” with clear plastic pockets could store supplies such as pens, markers, paint brushes, scissors, coloring books and other related items.

Magnetic Wall
Whether boy or girl, kids are fascinated by magnets, and today’s kids seem to have so many. By taking the interest one step further, why not use magnetic paint on a wall in your child’s room? There are endless ways children of all ages could utilize this amazing interactive resource.

A few ideas are:
• storing toys in metal tins.
• organizing car collections, and, perhaps, creating a wall race track.
• cup holders for markers alongside a scroll of paper would make an interesting art wall.
• adding a layer of chalkboard paint. The wall could be transformed into a learning resource for children, whether they are practicing their letters or needing a place to solve math problems. Teens would appreciate a place to post class notes, or have a spacious, private location to help them study for a test.

Creative storage containers come in all forms, sizes, shapes, colors and levels of durability. Perhaps, with a creative paint, a few hooks, and the right container, your child’s room could be transformed into a place of fun and organization. And, the best part of all, dads and moms won’t spend so much time asking their children to clean up!

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