Dinner Conversations: Riddles and Brain Teasers

Want to spice up your family dinner conversations? Here are some riddles and brain teasers to get you started, or make up some of your own.

Riddle: What is a mummy’s favorite music?

Answer: Wrap!

Riddle: Bigger than an elephant but lighter than air, what am I?

Answer: Wind!

Riddle: A blue house is made of blue bricks. A yellow house is made of yellow bricks. A red house is made of red bricks. An orange house is made of orange bricks. What would a green house be made of?

Answer: Glass.

Riddle: There was an accident; the father could not be saved. When the son was taken into surgery, the surgeon said, “I cannot operate on this boy, he is my son.” Who was the surgeon? How is that possible?

Answer: The surgeon is his Mother (for bigger kids).

Riddle: A father’s child, a mother’s child, yet no one’s son.

Who am I?

Answer: I’m a daughter.

Riddle: I go up and I go down, towards the sky and the ground.

I’m present and past tense, too. Let’s go for a ride, me and you.

Answer: A See Saw.

Riddle: What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?

Answer: A River.

Riddle: I am a 7-letter word, but when you take away 4 letters, you are left with 1. What word am I?

Answer: Someone (left with “one”).

Dinner time is great family time, one of the few times in your day when we are still, together, and unplugged. Have some fun!