Dinner Conversations: “Were You Born in a Barn?!”

Sally declined every invite for family dinners. The idea of her family eating at a table in front of others was too embarrassing to comprehend. So she made up excuses. Like many of today’s families, they were too busy for family sit-down meals at their house. Meals were on the run, in the car, and arrived in disposable wrappers.

Consequently her children never learned table manners. Truth be told, they ate like they were born in a barn. But one day these children, like many others, will need to eat in public; with or without the feedbag. Here are a few rules they should know to feel successful:

1. We wash our hands before dinner.
2. We eat only after everyone is served.
3. Our napkin goes in our lap; we sit up straight.
4. We ask to pass food and avoid reaching.
5. We chew with our mouth closed.
6. We never talk with food in our mouths.
7. We take turns talking with inside voices.
8. We know how to use our utensils correctly.
9. All will stay at the table until everyone is finished.
10. We always remember to say, “Please” and “Thank you.”

Dinner Conversations is a short series for families interested in reviving the family sit-down dinner tradition. Each month we will share games, etiquette, conversation starters, meal ideas and more, designed to enhance your families dining experience.

Please contact me with suggestions or questions. As always, I look forward to hearing from you!