Dinner Convos: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

If “How was your day?” or “I haaaaaaate vegetables!” is getting old at your table, spice it up with more fun and games. Try the “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” game!

How to Play:

The first person choses a character, real or fictional, from literature, movies, television, or even your household. The first person begins by giving verbal clues about their identity. Those guessing are allowed to ask only “yes” or “no” answer questions. If your children are small, you might tell them if their guesses are “hot,” “getting warmer,” or “cold.” The first to guess correctly gets the next turn.

It was described to me like this:

“My Mom was serving meatloaf (which we hate). Just as we started to complain she said, ‘It’s a wonder I could even prepare this meal with all the snakes on my head. No! Don’t look! You’ll turn to stone! Who am I?’ I shouted, ‘Medusa!’ Then it was my turn. Everyone forgot we hated meatloaf and started eating.”

“I turned to my sister, who was chewing as fast as she could so she could guess next. ‘I’m blue and I LOVE cookies! Who am I?’ She jumped up, knocking over her chair. ‘Cookie Monster! My turn.’ She’s only 4, but she knows how to play the game. She said, ‘I eat my food with my face because I don’t have hands. And right now I am begging for scraps under the table. Who am I?’ Of course, it was our family dog. She ALWAYS chooses the dog.”

If you are hosting a dinner party, or if your family is largely adult, you could step it up with themes. Thematic examples might be: “Who in the News is Coming to Dinner?” Or choose famous Literary Characters, Political Candidates, Rock Legends, Movie Actors, etc.