Discovering Change in the New Year…it’s already in YOU!

By Kelly Lewis, CPT

January has arrived and here we go again…New Year’s resolutions, fresh starts, and promises made. Yet, just as traditional as are the New Year’s resolutions, is the tradition of breaking them. But what if this year were different? What if January 2014 marked the beginning of new-found health, strength and wellness? There is only one thing that will make this year different from the rest…YOU! This is YOUR year!

The secret is to find your source of inspiration. Inspiration is all around us. I’ve recently discovered a few sources of inspiration in my own life. I hope that they will encourage you to keep your eyes open to the inspiring moments in your everyday experiences that will push you towards change.

Inspired by Determination

On one of my most recent runs though Tanglewood Park, I couldn’t help but feel affected by examples of inspiration all around me. It started out like any other run, tunnel-visioned and goal-oriented. However, on this particular day, I wasn’t feeling like my typically motivated self; I was, quite honestly, feeling sluggish and struggling to complete my mileage. As I entered mile two, I noticed a mom pushing her new baby in a jogging stroller. One thing was clear: she was certainly struggling, too. It was written all over her face. Yet, despite her weariness, I observed a powerful look of determination that is hard to mistake. She was pushing through, staying focused and unwavering in her efforts. It was as if she declared that she must simply continue to put one foot in front of the other. Without knowing it, she was encouraging me to do the same. Inspiration gripped me.

Inspired by Attitude

On that very same day, I saw a father running while pushing his special-needs son in a stroller. He was obviously a seasoned runner, displaying a perfect stride and the contented look that only a regular runner might have. As happy as this father seemed to be, it was the look on his son’s face that captivated my attention. You see, despite his physical disability, he was filled with sheer joy. Without even realizing it, this young boy impacted me in a way that I won’t soon forget. With the odds stacked against them, this father and son were a beautiful picture of the power of a positive attitude. That otherwise routine day ended up being one of my most memorable runs ever. Inspiration had struck again, when I had least expected it.

Inspired by Training

In 2006, my husband set out on a mission to complete the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN. His training schedule was rigorous, often requiring him to run 15 miles in the freezing rain. His marathon experience was fulfilling, due in part to fellow runners he passed along the way. As he passed mile 16, he approached an older man from behind. He remembered thinking, “there’s the next runner that I’ll pass.” This unique runner was approximately 75 years old, covered in bandages and visibly hobbling. Clearly this wasn’t the vision of a marathon runner that one expects to see. Yet, an amazing thing happened. My husband never did pass that runner, and about 20 minutes later he could no longer even see him. The elderly man had picked up his pace and was using his seasoned training to finish strong, leaving my 40-year-old husband in the dust. This memorable runner had found something deep down inside of himself that my husband found both humbling and motivating. Inspiration was the result of this unforgettable encounter.

I have the honor and privilege of being inspired every day by my clients. I have witnessed individuals change their lives right before my eyes. This didn’t happen overnight, but with consistent hard work and dedication. Some have had small hills to climb, while others were tackling mountains. What inspires me about these particular people is their determination, attitude and commitment to training. We all have these qualities inside of us. The challenge is to dig deep and find it. Inspiration is everywhere…it’s time to open our eyes!

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