Don’t Let Vacation Stop your Fitness Routine!

By Kelly Lewis

Let’s face it. A great deal goes into vacation planning. You must decide where to go, what to pack, who’s going to take care of the pets, water the lawn and check the mail. Ways to maintain your fitness routine while away can sometimes end up on the back burner.

Throughout the year you’ve put hard work into making healthy lifestyle choices, so why stop now? You owe it to yourself to stay on track during those much-anticipated summer trips. By doing so, you can have fun and return to your regular exercise routine without feeling guilty.

Here are few handy tips to help you stay moving during any vacation!

Plan ahead! Before you leave, plan your exercise routine: When, Where, What? Incorporate being active into your vacation before you’ve even pulled out of the driveway. When can I fit it in? Where will I exercise? What will I do? Write it down!

Pack an exercise kit: jump-rope, shoes, workout clothes, light dumbbells, or any other practical items that usually accompany your normal routine. Having these items handy will save time and make it easier to hop up and get started without having an easy excuse.

Prepare your family or travel companions. Let everyone know your intentions to stay on track while you are having fun away. Maybe you’ll motivate them to join you. The more the merrier!

If you are unable to plan ahead, and all else fails, improvise. Try a fast-paced walk on the beach before breakfast, a long walk around town exploring after dinner, a sightseeing excursion on bicycles, laps in the hotel pool, or even an exercise video to follow along to on your smart phone during a rainy day.

Keep in mind, exercising gives you more energy to enjoy yourself while away. And, by staying active and on-task during your vacation, it will be much easier to get back to your normal routine when you return. The goal is a healthy lifestyle that stays with you forever, even while on vacation!