Dr. Nickolas Kephart, DDS Providing Quality Dental Care with Advanced Technology

When it comes to your health, you want a health professional who is the best at what they do. Your dental health is no different. Often when we think of going to the dentist we think of cleanings and checkups. However, when the time comes where further treatment is necessary, we all want to know that our dentist is knowledgeable, experienced, careful, understands his or her patients and provides as pain-free a procedure as is medically possible.

That’s what makes Dr. Nickolas Kephart, DDS, at 3165 Maplewood Avenue, Suite 102 in Winston-Salem, an excellent choice to manage and care for your dental health. Dr. Kephart trained at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry and is well-versed in the latest technology and procedures to make your experience the best it can be. Originally from Murphy, North Carolina, after graduation from UNC, Dr. Kephart joined another very well-known and respected dentist in this area, Dr. Kenneth Phillips, DDS. Today, Dr. Kephart is a leader in providing quality dental care using advanced methods and technology that have proven to be most effective. Dr. Kephart explains the inspiration behind his choice of dentistry, “I have always been mechanically inclined, and dentistry allows me to use my talent to help a wide array of different patients. My parents instilled in me at an early age to be grateful for my natural gifts and to use them to help the less fortunate.” The results speak for themselves, because his practice has garnered lots of very loyal and satisfied patients.

When you visit his practice on Maplewood Avenue, it’s easy to see why his patients feel this way. Dr. Kephart and his staff quickly make their patients feel comfortable, and confident that they are getting the best care possible in an environment that also helps them feel at ease. His staff is well-trained and very supportive in answering questions and making your visit a pleasant one, a feeling not often associated with this area of health. However, Dr. Kephart and his staff don’t stop with just professionalism and excellent care in a comfortable environment. They offer an array of exceptional services that help brighten your smile, enhance self-confidence and take the worry out of maintaining proper care of your teeth.

For instance, their preventive care includes annual teeth cleaning; fluoride treatments for both children and adults to harden the enamel on their teeth; also for children, sealants, or plastic resin coatings, that are designed to make the chewing surface of the back teeth more resistant to decay, and thus prevent cavities and further treatment and pain later on. Another service not normally thought of from your dentist is an oral cancer screening test. This non-invasive procedure is simple, doesn’t hurt and only takes a couple of minutes to perform, yet just as in other screening procedures, it could possibly save your life someday. As with most conditions, early detection is the key in treating and curing the disease.

They offer cosmetic restorative services with the primary objective to help you preserve your natural teeth and keep them healthy. Of course, these services also help augment the appearance as well. Services include bonding, which helps repair small cracks or chips in the tooth; inlays and onlays to repair larger cavities; porcelain veneers that repair larger fissures and also reshape teeth; removal of unhealthy teeth; Endodontics, including root canal treatments when necessary to save a diseased tooth; fillings to repair decayed portions, which also come in “tooth-colored” finishes to help the fillings blend with your surrounding teeth; teeth-whitening services and tooth decay prevention measures to ward off future potential issues. They also provide limited orthodontic treatment and care to align teeth in a more correct and attractive position. This treatment includes the popular Invisalign Clear Aligners that perform the function necessary, while also being discreet and practically unnoticeable. When chipped or missing teeth are the problem, they offer crowns and bridgework, including full and partial dentures and more to restore their function and improve the appearance.

Speaking of those instances when missing teeth are the primary concern, this is one of the areas where Dr. Kephart and his staff really take their services to the next level. It’s not uncommon that many patients with this issue elect to wear dentures to correct this problem. And though dentures are quite effective in helping to resolve the concern, there is another, more updated, option that provides an array of benefits over its alternative. The process is called dental implants, and they are by far the best way available to replace a missing tooth whenever possible. If you’re not aware, it basically uses an artificial “bone-friendly” root system that is attached to the remaining bone beneath the missing tooth. Next, a crown matching the adjacent teeth is placed on top of this artificial root system. And then voila, now you have the closest thing to a new tooth available! With these implants, there are fewer issues to deal with than traditional dentures, such as an uncomfortable fit, routinely taking them out to clean, and possible concerns while you’re eating. The implants also provide a vital service in helping to keep the existing bone structure beneath the new tooth intact, a problem inherent with missing teeth.

If you happen to be a patient who requires this or other services, you’ll be very happy to know about an interesting feature that Dr. Kephart offers that makes these procedures more thorough and efficient. He uses a special three-dimensional X-ray machine to produce low-dose, high-definition diagnostic images of the patient, providing a more in-depth, comprehensive picture of both the teeth and bone structure. The machine itself has an open-face design that allows the patient to clearly see the doctor and vice-versa. So there’s no claustrophobic feeling, just the comfort in getting a quality image in very little time. This precision information allows Dr. Kephart to develop a treatment plan that is more conducive to what the patient needs, and far exceeds the procedures that came before it. Dr. Kephart explains, “Technology has been a huge asset in our practice, and there’s no better evidence of this than with the addition of our 3D X-ray unit. This machine allows us to take three-dimensional X-ray images of your jaw, and has been invaluable in helping us better serve our patients. The images provided take the guesswork out of diagnosing problems and unexplained pain, and they are a must when working around structures in the jaw during implant placement.” Dr. Kephart further advises, “The use of this new type of X-ray represents the future and is just another example of how we strive to stay on the cutting edge of our field.” The process is also indicative of the type of services and treatments his patients receive. Just think—if he is willing to go to this level of service for his patients, how much better your personal care will be.

In those times when more extensive dental work is needed, or if a patient would like to change something about their smile Dr. Kephart can help. He spends a lot of time every year continuing his education and furthering his knowledge of dentistry, so he is better able to care for his patients with more complex needs. So no matter how difficult your dental situation, Dr. Kephart is there for you to help you get the results you are looking for.

Finally, Dr. Kephart understands the financial trepidations that more extensive treatments can cause the patient. In those instances, he works with the patient and offers Care Credit financing options to help ease their concerns, allowing them to proceed confidently with the treatments they need.

Dr. Kephart recommends that everyone visit their dentist annually, whether it’s for an annual checkup and teeth cleaning, or more extensive services. He adds, “Dental health is commonly overlooked; yet it is
a vital part of maintaining the highest level of total overall health and well-being.”


To learn more, you may visit their website at wsdentist.com, or give them a call at 336/760-9840 to schedule an appointment. Remember, maintaining good dental health is a lifetime commitment.

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