Emergency Kits – Bride Kit

Emergency kits might inspire fear at the first mention of their name, but they aren’t necessarily tied to instances of disaster. Thanks to handy sites like Pinterest and Etsy, there’s inspiration for ways to create kits for both real emergencies, and for those little emergencies that life throws at us daily. This column will explore ideas of items that could be essential for various types of emergency kits, so that you can be inspired and start your own. This month we’ll put together a kit for the bride in your life on her special day.

To compile this emergency kit, grab a cute travel bag that your bride will love so much she’ll want to keep it for the honeymoon. If you have a little extra money to throw into your kit, you might consider getting your travel bag monogrammed with your bride’s new initials.

Wedding hair is a beast to maintain. It usually involves a complicated updo or those lovely effortless curls that aren’t effortless at all. Make sure your bride has plenty of hair products to help keep her beautiful “do” flawless all day and evening long. If the wedding takes place during warmer months and humidity is an issue, consider grabbing a spray that smooths and shines.

A wedding day tear can completely unravel the mood for the whole day. Pack a small sewing kit for your bride and you may just save the day. Make sure to grab a kit that includes scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins for those “make it work” moments.

Weddings are stressful; especially if you’re a bride who feels like the entire event rests on your shoulders and hinges on every decision you make. There’s bound to be a little sweat and, of course, a little body odor. Pack a travel-size deodorant in a gentle scent for a quick touch-up the moment before the trip down the aisle.

Your bride is going to be insanely popular on her wedding day. Whether it’s the out-of-town relatives who need directions for the third time, 20 or so last-minute clarifications from the wedding planner or the 1,000 pictures she’ll take to remember the happiest day of her life. Include a charger compatible with your bride’s phone, so she can recharge throughout the day.

A wedding can certainly be hard on your feet. Whether it be your bride’s lovely, but painful, heels or dancing the night away at the reception, it’s best to be prepared. Grab an anti-friction stick and some moleskin strips, so you’re prepared no matter what. If your prevention methods fail, you can include some soothing blister-cushion band-aids.

Your bride will no doubt have a flawless makeover done early on in the day that she’ll have to maintain it throughout the day. To help prevent a shiny, greasy nose and forehead, pack your bride some blotting strips to keep her fabulous all day long.

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