Emergency Kits – Holiday Survival Kit

By Lindsay Craven

Emergency kits might inspire fear at the first mention of their name, but they aren’t necessarily tied to instances of disaster. Thanks to handy sites like Pinterest and Etsy there’s inspiration for ways to create kits for both real emergencies or for those little emergencies that life throws at us daily. This column will explore ideas of items that could be essential for various types of emergency kits so that you can be inspired and start your own. This month we’ll put together a kit that will help get you through one of the most stressful months of the year.

Try to keep your kit in the spirit of the season, and this ought to be easy, as you’re sure to have some holiday gift bags lying around the house. If you make it look like a gift, no one will be nosing through your survival kit.

Christmas morning is a madhouse for most people, especially if there are children in the household. As the gift-wrap flies across the room and toys are opened, you’ll need some tools to begin preparing the gifts for use. A Swiss Army Knife will provide all the tools you may need to open a gift, or quickly put together a toy, or open a battery compartment for toys or gadgets.

Batteries are a necessity for Christmas morning. A variety of batteries is always recommended, because most of us fail to remember to look up the battery needs of all of our gifts until after they are wrapped and under the tree. Nothing is more disappointing than a toy or tech gadget that can’t be used for a day or two after it’s gifted.

A light-hearted and fun sweater or shirt will help to keep your spirits high while you deal with the crowds in the stores, and while you’re baking and wrapping in preparation for the big day. Your apparel could also provide a pick-me-up for those you encounter during the holiday season.

Sometimes the stress can get overwhelming during the holidays, due to spending for gifts and preparing our homes for visiting family and friends. To keep your nerves in check, grab yourself some bubble wrap to pop for those moments when the stress overwhelms you.

When bubble wrap just won’t do the trick, then the next step is a relaxing glass of wine or cider to wind down. At the end of a long day of shopping, or opening gifts and cleaning, you need to take a moment to yourself and reflect on the real meaning of the holidays.

The last thing you want on the holidays is a nagging headache while you’re trying to entertain friends and family. There will inevitably be a headache at some point during the month, so it’s imperative to keep a stash of headache medicine on hand to get you through the holidays.