Emergency Kits – New Job Kit

Emergency kits might inspire fear at the first mention of their name, but they aren’t necessarily tied to instances of disaster. Thanks to handy sites like Pinterest and Etsy, there’s inspiration for ways to create kits for both real emergencies, or for those little emergencies that life throws at us daily. This column will explore ideas of items that could be essential for various types of emergency kits, so that you can be inspired and start your own. This month we put together a kit for a friend, family member or co-worker with a new job.

Look for a bin that will be handy for desk organization or a trendy trashcan to gather all of helpful supplies for your kit.

A lint roller is always handy item to have at the desk, particularly if there are pets or children at home. If you’re heading into a big meeting with the boss, and you want to look your best, a quick swipe over the suit with a lint roller can make all the difference.

Lunchtime can wreak havoc in the office, especially if you’re clumsy with your meals. Include a stain-removing pen or wipes and a fresh-scented wrinkle-release spray. If the new hire dribbles some mustard on their tie our blouse or finds their pants wrinkled from a long day sitting at the desk, they can thank you for being able to put themselves back together.

Offices can be dirty and germy places, and they only get worse when cold and flu season come to town. Stock your kit with some handy items, like a container of disinfecting wipes, and a healthy supply of hand sanitizer will keep their workspace neat, clean and germ-free.

Some days you just have to enjoy that garlic-soaked lunch cheat and you’ll be stuck in the office with the breath of death. No one wants to brush their teeth in the company restroom so help out the new employee in your life by stocking them up a bag of floss picks and breath mint spray or strips.

A new job will be fun and exciting at first, but eventually there will be a hard day, and your kit recipient will need a little pick-me-up. To boost their spirits, include their favorite flavor of protein or energy bar. If you’re not sure what their favorite is, chocolate is always a good choice. Who couldn’t use a tasty chocolate bar to get them through a tough day at work?


What would a new job kit be without office supplies? Fill a pencil cup or other organizational holder with items that reflect your recipient’s personality and the needs of their new job. Things like quality pens, a stapler, good scissors, highlighters and paper clips are always handy and might save them a trip to the office supply closet.




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