Emergency Kits – New Mommy Kit

Emergency kits might inspire fear at the first mention of their name, but they aren’t necessarily tied to instances of disaster. Thanks to handy sites like Pinterest and Etsy, there’s inspiration for ways to create kits for both real emergencies and for those little emergencies that life throws at us daily. This column will explore ideas of items that could be essential for various types of emergency kits, so that you can be inspired and start your own. This kit can be something to lift the spirits of a new mom or a silly addition to your baby shower gift.

This cute gift idea can be neatly tucked into a Mason jar, or you can beef it up and put it in a cute basket or storage tub. To dress up your Mason jar, try wrapping it in burlap with a ribbon in a soft pink or blue, depending on the new bundle of joy. You can even use Modge Podge and food coloring to stain your jars in different colors if you want to really jazz it up.

We’ll start the kit with a little fun. First, grab a small pack of marbles from your local dollar store and tie a note to them. “To replace the ones you’ve lost,” or “To replace the ones you’ll lose,” depending on the timing of your gift.

An obvious necessity for a new mommy is going to be a solid shot of caffeine. If you’re using a small container, you’ll need to grab instant coffee mix packets, energy water packets, mini-energy shots or even coffee shop gift cards. Think of all of mommy’s likes and try to keep it as convenient as possible (e.g., if buying a gift card, try to buy one that can be used at a drive-thru window, or if you’re using a larger container, grab canned or jarred coffee drinks that don’t require warming or mixing.)

Another fun item is a clothespin. Dirty diapers are obvious par for the course with a new baby, but some of those diapers are going to be a doozy. Toss in a clothespin “for when you just have to survive the next diaper change.”

Some days are just going to be overwhelming. Toss in a travel size bottle of Advil, so mommy always has a little pain relief for those days when everything seems to be happening at once.

With a new baby under the roof, a new mommy is going to quickly forget to maintain herself while adjusting to keeping this new little one fed, clean and healthy. There’s a good chance she’ll catch herself with company at the door or having to rush out the door and no time for a tooth brushing.

Dark under-eye circles are an unfortunate accessory that comes along with a new little one. Help mommy out with an under-eye concealer that matches her skin tone, but that’s subtle enough that she can use it by itself, without having to apply full makeup.

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