Even Brighter Smiles Ahead… Rudnicke Orthodontics Will Soon See Patients in a New Facility

With his roots in a small town in central Illinois, Dr. Paul Rudnicke grew up the son of the town dentist and saw the dedication and commitment of his dad as he cared for patients for 37 years.

“We lived in St. Joseph, Ill., with a population at that time of 1,900, and my dad was the only dentist in town,” Dr. Rudnicke explains. “For our family, life was about knowing your community and building relationships with your neighbors. That idea of community and doing your best for those you serve is the belief I have carried into my orthodontics practice.”

Located at 1704 S. Hawthorne Road for more than a decade, Rudnicke Orthodontics will be moving to a new, much larger, modern space in June. “Our motto is ‘Bright Smiles Ahead,’” Dr. Rudnicke says. “Spring is my favorite season. There is the promise of something new, something renewed. The idea of looking forward to a new smile—a brighter smile—brings hope, excitement and enthusiasm.”

A Tradition of Personalized Care

Dr. Rudnicke graduated with a biology degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and then attended the University of Illinois Dental School, where he graduated with honors. He completed his residency, receiving his Orthodontic Certificate at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn., and he practiced in both Kentucky and Tennessee, before heading to North Carolina.

“I moved with my wife Stefanie to Winston-Salem in 2002 to join the practice of Dr. Cyrus Bazemore and eventually took over the practice when Dr. Bazemore retired in 2005,” he says. “Between watching my dad in his practice and working under Dr. Bazemore for several years, I saw two professionals who had a passion for what they do and for giving their patients the best care possible,” he says. “It left an impression, and it is one of the reasons my staff and I strive to make our patients’ comfort, care and safety a priority.”

Dr. Rudnicke adheres to several core values in his practice: clinical excellence, efficiency, stability, comfort, engagement and fun. “We aspire to provide results that stand the test of time,” he says. “We are always looking at the long term—at optimum dental health for a lifetime. Orthodontic treatment works best when everyone—the orthodontic team, the patient and the family—are engaged and working together to achieve the end goals.”

Moving to a New Space…

The new Rudnicke Orthodontics facility is at 2880 Lyndhurst Avenue, right around the corner from the current Hawthorne Road location.

“We want to continue to grow in not only the services we provide, but the quality of services,” he explains. “The move allows us to implement the most advanced technology for orthodontic care.”

The plan to move has been in the works since the fall of 2011, when he and Dr. Mark Suttle of Forsyth Periodontal Associates discussed the possibility of building a new facility on Lyndhurst Avenue. When the property they liked went up for sale, they bought it, and the groundbreaking was held on July 14th, 2014. They hired Dr. Michael Unthank of Lincoln, Nebraska, who has designed more than 1,500 dental offices and is also a licensed and practicing general dentist. “He has been able to make the new offices extremely efficient while incorporating all the amenities we wanted,” Dr. Rudnicke explains.

The building will have Dr. Rudnicke’s and Dr. Suttle’s individual private practices in the main level suites. Dr. Martin Gamble, an endodontist, and Lab 33, a dental lab, will occupy the floor below.

“The new building will have technology in place to enhance patient care,” Dr. Rudnicke says. “For example, we will have a 3D X-ray machine, which exposes the patient to less radiation, while giving a 3D image of oral and facial structures that can be printed and made into a physical model of a patient’s teeth.”

Local, individualized care means listening to the needs of today’s families. “Today, families are busier than ever,” he says. “We strive to deliver the best possible outcome in a time-efficient manner—minimizing both the duration and the frequency of patient appointments.”

The new office will include more parking spaces, comfortable seating in the waiting area, more space in the treatment areas and a child-friendly area. “Our waiting area will have an area for kids to be kids while they wait,” Dr. Rudnicke says. “I will continue to make privacy, safety and security important aspects of my practice.”

Dr. Rudnicke will continue to offer the full spectrum of state-of-the art orthodontics with traditional braces, ceramic braces and Invisalign®, which are custom-made aligners to straighten teeth. “We want our patients to be excited and have ownership in the process, from beginning to end, of getting the smile they want,” Dr. Rudnicke says.

“We want to help patients achieve ‘Bright Smiles Ahead’ in a quality space for many years into the future.”


Rudnicke Orthodontics, currently located at 1704 S. Hawthorne Rd., will move to 2880 Lyndhurst Avenue in Winston-Salem, NC, in June 2015. Call 336-768-3040 or visit www.BrightSmilesAhead.com.