Family Cycling – Clemmons Bicycle

Spring is officially here, and with summer just around the corner, prime outdoor time is in full swing. Everyone is preparing for restful nights after long days spent by the pool, at the park or just running around trying to get it all done! One of the best ways to spend quality time with your family during all the beautiful days ahead is cycling, and Clemmons Bicycle has everything you need…and then some!

“Cycling with your family is always a good time. It allows everyone to get out of the house and get some fresh air,” said Owner Travis Beane. “It allows the kids to be kids, and it’s a great way for parents to relieve stress while exercising. It allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones in the freedom of the great outdoors.”

There are some wonderful options for family-friendly cycling in the area. Some of Travis’ favorites include Tanglewood Park, Muddy Creek Greenway and Salem Creek Greenway. No matter how advanced your little ones are, Clemmons Bicycle has an option for you.

Strider Bikes – “Balance bikes are great for young children from ages 2–5,” explained Beane. “They’re very lightweight and easy for them to maneuver. They allow children to learn balancing skills, which allow them to ride a bicycle without training wheels at an earlier age. These come in a variety of colors.”

Tag-Along Bikes – “These are child-sized bikes that can be attached to an adult bike. They allow families to ride together and stay together. You don’t have to worry about the child not keeping up or running off the trail/path. They can help you pedal, but there are no brakes for them to get upset and drag the rear wheel. Tag-along bikes also help children develop a sense of balance.”

Pull-Behind Trailers – “These are awesome little trailers that attach behind the parent’s bike. You can buckle one or two children in them and still have room for some of their stuff. They’re ultra-light, fold for easy storage and transportation, and can also be converted into a stroller.”

In addition to everything you need for every member of the family to go cycling, Clemmons Bicycles carries a wide range of family products, including baby seats and BOB strollers. “I stock and sell the products that my family loves to use,” added Beane. “Clemmons Bicycle has been a family-owned business located right here in the heart of Clemmons since the early 1970s. We strive to be your one-stop shop for all your cycling needs. The Internet and big box stores have always made retail hard, but we strive to treat people well. Our prices are very competitive, and we are here for you. We are here to educate our customers and answer all of their questions to help them find what they need. We service everything we sell and are always here for you when you need us.”

Clemmons Bicycle also offers bike racks and bike rentals.

Clemmons Bicycle is located at 2703 Lewisville-Clemmons Road in Clemmons. For more information, call 336.766.5564, e-mail or visit the website at