The Five Stages of Parents and Prom

It’s prom season! Catching glimpses of dresses and tuxes, and whispers of Prom fill teenagers with an unexplainable, over-necessary amount of joy. However, to our parents, prom is a melting pot of emotions. From stress to skepticism, our parents feel much more than joy. In fact, this turmoil they experience can be summed up in five stages.

  1. Excitement: It’s prom season! Every parent is excited for their children to successfully ask someone to prom or to be asked themselves. They love the idea of their teen happily dancing the night away and enjoying this right of passage. Parents are excited to help find the perfect dress/tux…at first.
  2. Stress: Once the excitement settles in, parents soon think over how expensive prom is. Dresses and tuxes cost a fortune. The flowers cost a fortune, and shoes, jewelry, and nails are expensive necessities. Prom is very expensive, and finding means to pay for it can be stressful.
  3. Worry: The teen is off to prom! Right now, the emotional turmoil has just begun. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to drink at prom or do things that they shouldn’t. Parents worry about all kinds of hypothetical situations. They worry their children will wind up in a car accident because one of their friends decided to drink and drive. They worry their daughters will be taken advantage of by teenage boys. They worry their teenage boys will impregnate someone’s daughter. They worry about everything and for just reasons. Teenagers do things they shouldn’t.
  4. Skepticism: Upon realizing that teenagers do things they shouldn’t, parents also know that their own teens are capable of doing things they shouldn’t, such as drinking and driving or impregnating other teenagers. Soon straight-A, goody-two-shoes kids will turn into school-skipping, system hacking Ferris Buellers, ready to evade any and every rule possible.
  5. Relief: Prom is an exciting, but taxing time for parents. The moment they see their teen come home from a night of partying or on into the following morning, parents are relieved beyond measure. Soon the excitement, stress, worry, and skepticism turns into sheer thankfulness.

Prom is a trying time for parents. They want to be very excited about prom 100 percent of the time, but the truth is, prom is an inescapable whirlwind of pure chaos. It’s a time to love your parents and understand that prom is about more than just you; it’s about your Mom and Dad, too!