Forever Treasure

Store up treasures in heaven. Your heart will be where your treasure is.

~ Matthew 6:20, 21

Do you have “Show & Tell” at your school? That’s when students bring in a favorite something, and they tell the class all about it. Have you ever brought something to show your classmates? What makes this thing so special to you?

Even if your class doesn’t have Show & Tell, I’m sure you have some favorite things. When you get a new toy, you’re probably excited to show it to your friends. Do you have a book you read over and over again or a place you like to visit? The things you love can be called treasures, and a treasure puts a smile on your face and in your heart.

It’s not just things that you care about, of course. People are always more important than things. People are special! There are many people you love and like to spend time with. Your parents and grandparents, your brothers or sisters or cousins, your best friend, a nice neighbor—each one is a treasure.

God says you are a treasure. God, who made heaven and earth and everything in it, loves you. You put a smile on His face! God proved how much He loves you when He sent His own son, Jesus, to wash away your sins and make you clean. This isn’t clean like you just took a bath, but clean from the wrong things you think, do, and say. Clean enough to live in heaven with Him someday.

The things we love won’t last forever, but people last forever. So love each other. Be kind. Pray for your family and friends.

God lasts forever. Love God! Get to know him better by going to church and Sunday school. Read your Bible, or have someone read it to you. Talk to God and listen to what He says. You don’t have to fold your hands and bow your head, but sometimes that’s good, too. Just talk to Him while you’re cleaning your room, taking a walk, or painting a picture. He’s always right there with you.

Real treasures last forever. Real treasures will be waiting for you in heaven.