Forsyth Family Eye Care: Valuing the Health of Your Eyes

“The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are the interpreter.” ~ Cicero

That Forsyth Family Eye Care is dedicated to your vision is clearly indicated by their mission statement, ‘We believe life is all about your vision.’

The staff at Forsyth Family Eye Care is committed to helping their patients enjoy good vision and maintain eye health. In addition to Drs. Alex Appanaitis and Amy Gurley, Dr. Van Vo recently joined the practice and brings an international flair, as she is fluent in Vietnamese.   With a staff of 16, Forsyth Family Eye Care can address their patients’ needs in a timely fashion and provide assistance in selecting the eyewear style most suited for each patient’s personality and taste. Lenses are made off-site, while most other adjustments are accomplished in-house. Generally, new glasses are ready in about five to seven working days or fewer.

Their options for eyewear range from high-end fashion, safety lenses, protective eyewear for children and athletes, and economical value selections. They are up-to-date on the latest trends in eyewear, which include cat eyes, aviator sunglasses, some larger frame sizes and bright colors. Brands available include Kate Spade, Oakley, Bobbie Brown, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Tommy Hilfiger, among others.

And, don’t forget about sunglasses.   They are not just for summer or a fashion statement. Wearing sunglasses regularly can limit exposure to harmful UV rays and reduce the risk of ocular cancer.

Upcoming Event: Forsyth Family Eye Care hosts a style show of frames at their office twice a year. Vendor representatives are on-site, offering discounts on upscale frame styles and providing their expertise on the fashion eyewear industry.   At the last event, Bobbie Brown provided make-up artists to educate customers and demonstrate the latest make-up tips for those who wear eyeglasses regularly.   Mark your calendars for the next trunk show, which is scheduled for September 22nd.

Scheduling an eye care appointment: For children, individuals over 40, or those with existing health problems, like diabetes (or with a family history of eye disease), an annual eye exam is recommended. If you already wear glasses or contacts, a regular exam is important to ensure that your lenses are up-to-date, and your eyes are healthy.

As Dr. Alex Appanaitis explained, “Sight is the one sense that no one wants to be without. However, we often take our vision for granted and assume all is healthy until we have a problem. Through regular eye care visits, we can detect many potential problems before losing vision.”

What the Eye Shows: As Dr. Appanaitis shared, detection is not limited to just eye problems. Through an examination of the eyes, many other conditions can be noted that a patient may not be aware of as yet. For example, an eye examination can detect abnormal blood vessels or hemorrhages in the eye that may be a sign of diabetes or high blood pressure. Blocked vessels in the eye can signal elevated cholesterol or heart disease. Optic nerve pallor may indicate glaucoma, MS or other neurologic disease. Pigmented spots in or on the surface of the eye are usually benign, but some are cancerous. Floaters (commonly described as black spots in the vision) are common in adults over 60, and even younger. Any new onset of floaters, particularly with flashing lights or vision changes should always be investigated further to rule out a retinal detachment.

Migraines and headaches: Those who suffer from migraines can experience vision problems. Some see auras, wavy lines, and fractured lines if working on a computer, or even loss of peripheral vision for a time. Dr. Appanaitis shared that several factors, such as vision fatigue or uncorrected vision errors, can be contributors to migraines.

Electronics: Like computers and smart phones that most use on a daily basis, other electronics can cause fatigue and digital eye strain. Moreover, the blue light emitted from those digital screens can cause cumulative damage to retinal cells and lead to eye diseases like macular degeneration. Limiting exposure to these devices or, for those unable to do so, using protective eyewear to reduce blue light exposure, is recommended.

Forsyth Family Eye Care offers the latest lens options to counter the stress of our electronic-focused environment and protect our vision.

To schedule your visit to Forsyth Family Eye Care, call them at 336.924.9121. Their office is located at 5305 Robinhood Village Drive, just across from the intersection of Meadowlark and Robinhood Road, in The Village at Robinhood. You can also find them on social media (Twitter and Facebook).