Forsyth Family is a free monthly publication to more than 1,000 locations and read by over 68,000 people throughout Forsyth County and surrounding areas. It is a true joy for us to bring you this magazine packed full of interesting stories of people right in your neighborhood!

  • Robin Bralley
    Robin Bralley
    Publisher (Forsyth Family)
  • Keela Johnson
    Keela Johnson
    Publisher (Forsyth Woman)
  • Brooke Eagle
    Brooke Eagle
    Associate Editor & Account Executive

Account Executives

  • Heather Spivey
    Heather Spivey
    Account Executive
  • Morgan Bralley
    Morgan Bralley
    Account Executive
  • Tamara Bodford
    Tamara Bodford
    Senior Account Executive

Graphic Artists & Editors

  • Aron Daniels
    Aron Daniels
    Graphic Artist
  • Laurie Dalton
    Laurie Dalton
    Graphic Artist
  • Timothy Sellner
    Timothy Sellner
    Content Editor
  • Kim Beane
    Kim Beane
    Content Editor
  • Vonda Henderson
    Vonda Henderson
    Editorial Director


  • Carolyn Peterson
    Carolyn Peterson
    Senior Writer
  • Denise Heidel
    Denise Heidel
    Senior Writer
  • Meghan Corbett
    Meghan Corbett
    Senior Writer
  • Brittany Orie
    Brittany Orie
  • Debbie Barr
    Debbie Barr
  • Elisa Wallace Coppede
    Elisa Wallace Coppede
  • A. Keith Tilley
    A. Keith Tilley
  • Jen Oleniczak Brown
    Jen Oleniczak Brown
  • Julie Fritz
    Julie Fritz
  • Kristi J. Marion
    Kristi J. Marion
  • Lauren Sephton
    Lauren Sephton
  • Lisa Doss
    Lisa Doss
  • Martie Emory
    Martie Emory
  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor
  • Sara Wiles
    Sara Wiles
  • Susan Schabacker
    Susan Schabacker
  • Susan Woodall
    Susan Woodall
  • Tabatha Renegar
    Tabatha Renegar
  • Tabi Falcone
    Tabi Falcone
  • Taryn Jerez
    Taryn Jerez