Frank McNair: Life on the Line

Frank McNair, a native North Carolinian, knows about football. He loves the game. The football team of his youth was the Laurinburg Fighting Scots, the same as that of his characters. “I had a 72-hour career as a football player for the University of North Carolina,” Frank shared. “I was invited to walk on on Sunday and left on Wednesday. I know when to walk away.” Frank did continue to enjoy playing football while in college, and with other club football teams well into his twenties.

After graduating from UNC, Frank worked for a time in the banking industry. He earned his MBA at Wake Forest and worked for a number of years in corporate America. He and his wife have worked together in their consulting business for the past 30 years. He has written two non-fiction books, and Life on the Line–Football, Rage and Redemption is his debut novel, a ten-year labor of love.

Frank and his wife live in Forsyth County, along with their beloved rescue dog, Buddy Brown. He is a member of Winston-Salem Writers and active in the community. He is working on his next book, titled A Creeping Certainty, so be on the look for news on his website.

About Life on the Line

Knowledge of the intricacies of football is not a requirement for reading Life on the Line. The novel is the coming-of-age story of two boys who play football for the Fighting Scots. Both are eighth graders, although Bart is a few years older than Franklin, having been held back a few times. Their dislike of each other is as intense as their raging hormones. Their home lives are polar opposites. Bart lives with his often-absent minister dad, stepmom, and handicapped little sister. His stepmom, Doris, abused him in his younger years, but now that he’s older, resorts to screaming and belittling him. Franklin, on the other hand, has a banker dad and a mom who is perhaps a tad too protective. The fact that his mom, Betsy, lets him play football is remarkable. Neither Doris nor Betsy knows how to deal with the shifting personalities of these two boys in their growing-to-manhood dilemma.

Thankfully, they have the game of football in which to unleash their emotions. As the season progresses, they find a grudging respect for their respective abilities on the field. However, that respect does not translate well to life off the field. The dramatic confrontation is swift, surprising, and rattles and shocks them and those around them. The outcome illustrates well that stage between boy and man.

Life on the Line–Football, Rage and Redemption has had positive reviews on Amazon. Frank’s candid portrayal of teenage boys translates well into real life.

Life on the Line–Football, Rage and Redemption is available on Amazon (softcover and Kindle versions). A hardback version is planned for release soon and will be available wherever books are sold. Follow Frank on Facebook (Life on the Line–Football, Rage and Redemption) or visit his website ( Be on the lookout for news about his next book!

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