Give Your Kid a Pinteresting Birthday

We all know those moms who seem to do it all. They are always put together. Their kids are adorable and charming. Nothing is ever store-bought. They leave fairy dust (aka, glitter) on their children’s pillows when the Tooth Fairy pays a visit. And they are the moms who put together the incredible birthday parties that all the kids want to attend.

For those of us without the same creative juices as these Super Moms, we rely on Pinterest…where great ideas can be copied! Then we get the credit for being Super Moms, too!

Consider these great ideas from the boards of Pinterest!

  • Minions rule! Thank goodness the Twinkie has made a comeback, so that moms everywhere can turn them into Minion toppers for birthday cupcakes!
  • We love the idea of transforming dump trucks into serving bowls! (Just makes sure you wash them well first!) Great way to add a “Bob the Builder” or construction-site touch!
  • If your young sailor wants a nautical-themed party, take a page from the creative mom who wrapped utensils with a bit of twine and a lifesaver candy. (Such a simple idea, but totally genius!)
  • Candy apples at a Disney-Snow-White-themed party is yet again, simple and brilliant.
  • The mom who came up with the idea of cutting hot dogs into octopuses for a Pirate-inspired theme is a creative gem!
  • Popsicle sticks as airplane propellers on the front of cupcakes? Yes, please!
  • Surf’s up! Let the kids design their own surfboards, then build a bag of take-home treats from tropical-colored candies!
  • The night before their birthday, sneak into your child’s room after they are asleep and release dozens of helium balloons for a great surprise when they wake up the morning of their birthday!
  • As a Harry Potter aficionado, I don’t think any mom could go wrong with owl cupcakes, pretzel wands and floating candles.
  • For the families with twins, we loved the idea of a Dr. Seuss party celebrating Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Thanks to Pinterest, we’re no longer relegated to the party-theme aisle at the local WalMart or Target. Pinterest has helped moms everywhere to get their creative juices flowing and parents everywhere to inspire one another!

To help keep the inspiration flowing, visit and follow our Birthday Bonanza board, where we’ll regularly post creative birthday party ideas! Be sure to also take advantage of the great advertising partners in our Birthday Bonanza section who are in the business of making your next party a success!

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